Established in 1993 the Republican Wine Club has been marketing quality Australian wines to an ever-growing club membership since inception.

On the premise that “Life is too short to drink inferior wine” The RWC Tasting cum Selection Committee can be relied upon to choose excellent quality and now-quaffing Australian wines for its clientele.

The RWC delivers mixed dozens and half-dozens of reds & whites [including magnificent rose and bubbly, as required] free-of-charge, Australia-wide @ $298.80 per dozen; $168.80 per half-dozen… “Whatever tipples your fancy”.

ALL bottles have the magic ‘REPUBLICAN’ brand label affixed and thus they have “talking point” status and a commensurate “snob value”. The Club actually has identified monarchists as customers! Hey!!

The range varies from season to season and interested enquirers may readily telephone The National Secretariat of The Republican Party of Australia to ascertain what’s available at that time.

“Bottoms UP”!!!