Happenings 2021!

Severina Biabato with Peter Consandine

PETER CONSANDINE with Severina Biabato – Enthusiastic A.R.M. Member at The Broadway Open Forum held on 10th November 2021

Wednesday, 1 September 2021 at Rozelle NSW 2039 16th Annual Wattle Day Luncheon…Guest Speaker: Jim Simpson, Convener of the Worldwide Climate Realists organisation.

*Pre-Arranged postponement – predicated on NSW Gummint restrictions notwithstanding – Wednesday, 27th October at the same venue.

Jim Simpson with Peter Consandine

2021 Wattle Day Luncheon Guest Speaker JIM SIMPSON
with Moderator of the event PETER CONSANDINE

Happenings 2020!

MC Vic Hocking together with 2020 Wattle Day Luncheon Guest Speaker Brett Kelly and Wattle Day Events National Secretary Peter Consandine at the 15th Annual Gig at Rozelle NSW 2039 on 1st September of the chaotic, Covid-19 pandemic year.

Vic Hocking, Brett Kelly and Peter Consandine