From the very first Wattle Day Luncheon The Republican Party of Australia [RPA] staged in September, 2006  its Republican Umbrella Group sister organisation – Wattle Day Events – sprigs of wattle plus badges have been issued to Attendees on the day – usually 1st September.

The first batches of Wattle Day badges were sourced from the Wattle Day Association in Canberra but in early 2019 The Party had manufactured new  Wattle Day badges of its own.

The two colour schemes are most complementary: green & white backgrounded and blue backgrounded with the Golden Wattle – Australia’s official national floral emblem – featured prominently in both designs, as instanced.

Of course, New Joiners of The RPA are given a badge of their choice upon signing the dotted lines but The Party does sell them, separately, in batches
as follows:
5 for $15
10 for $29

Packaging & Postage is inclusive – Continental Australia-wide.