Honour Roll of Wattle Day Luncheon GUEST SPEAKERS

  1.  2006…David Borger, (then) Lord Mayor of Parramatta
  2.  2007…Geoff Coulin, Designer of the Wattle Day flag and Wattle Historian
  3.  2008…Stuart Littlemore, Leading NSW QC and former Anchorman of ABC1’s ‘Media Watch’
  4. 2009…Jane Caro, Award-Winning Copywriter, Author and Regular Panellist on ABC1’s ‘The Gruen
    Transfer’ and ‘The Drum’ programs
  5.  2010…Di Yerbury, Emeritus Professor at both Macquarie and NSW Universities and former Telstra
    Business Woman of the Year
  6.  2011…Peter Consandine, Founder, Registered Officer, National Executive Director and
    Bankroller of The Republican Party of Australia
  7.  2012…Tim Williams, (then) Chief Executive Officer of the Committee for Sydney
  8.  2013…Harold Scruby, Chief Executive Officer of Ausflag
  9.  2014…Kris Spike, (then) President of the NSW Chapter of Sustainable Population Australia
  10.  2015…Hugh Mackay, Eminent Social Researcher and Author
  11.  2016…Bob Brown, Former Australian Greens Leader in the Senate and prominent environmentalist
  12.  2017…Maria Hitchcock, Renowned, original ‘Wattle Lady’ and Author of the excellent reference
    books: ‘WATTLE’ and ‘A CELEBRATION of WATTLE’
  13.  2018…Greg Blaxell, NSW Local Historian and Author
  14. 2019…Howard Brady, Eminent Forensic Climate Scientist
  15. 2020…Brett Kelly, CEO of Kelly+ Partners Chartered Accountants