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This outline is in furtherance to the basic message contained on the frontispiece of The Party’s homepage. In effect, it constitutes the philosophy of The Party.

There are seven areas of concern for us which are, concomitantly, the seven areas of our relative expertise (see Republican Party of Australia’s Constitution). Beyond this we have all manner of ‘indicative’ policy amidst our multifarious documents and position papers which may be found by further in-depth research on this website.

Executive Team


The REPUBLICANS is an umbrella organisation comprising several inter-related political pursuits and entrepreneurial endeavours.

The REPUBLICANS’ political party is The Republican Party of Australia (RPA) and it was first registered by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) on 9 October, 1992.

The Party contested both the 2013 Federal Election and the 2014 Re-Election (in WA).

The Party is in the processes of re-Registering with the AEC for the anticipated 2016 Federal Election. At that juncture, it intends to contest the Senate elections in ALL 6 Australian States.

The RPA’s established abbreviated names are: The Australian Republicans and The RPA.

The RPA is a secular, free enterprise liberal party of the centre. It has no links with any other Republican Party and certainly no connection, either directly or indirectly, with the American Republican Party. However, The RPA does have valued links with several other Australian Republican groups through a body loosely known as The Coalition of Republican Organisations (or CAR) which was formerly known as The Republican Gatherers who, in the 21st century, have conferenced on five occasion.

From late 2014, The RPA is spearheading the so-called Oz-Republic-by-Default Campaign. It’s inauguration was launched in the Island State of
Tasmania in October of that year with launches envisaged for Victoria in January, 2015 and Western Australia in March, 2015. The point of the exercise is to establish the States, seriatim, as Republics. Thus, the conversion – in stages – of State Monarchies to State Republics whilst remaining in the Commonwealth of Australia.


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