Minutes of the 17th EGM of The Republicans

Minutes of the 17th EGM of The Republicans at

Epping 2121 on 25 May, 2016

The Meeting commenced at 7.50pm.

Discussion Topics: 1. The Non-Event 2016 Double Dissolution Federal Election in General…

(a) is Malcolm Turnbull’s to lose; (b) is appearing to be more ‘presidential’ than ever before; (c) is likely to end with a ‘Hung Parliament of Sorts’; (d) is laden with 3-word slogans a la Tony Abbott e.g. ‘Jobs & Growth’ and ‘Continuity & Change’ discernibly NOT ‘cutting through’; (e) there is gross disappointment, writ large, in the performance of the Prime Minister since his coup d’etat. Gross disappointment but NOT anger, though, according to the pollsters with notorious Sydney graphic artist [graffitist to some], Michael Agzarian, fingering The Usurper as a ‘Fizza’; (f) State issues e.g. forced council amalgamations in NSW upsetting Joe & Josephine

Public to a considerable extent; (g) the brouhaha over the 2016 federal budget which is based on 10-year economic forecasting and with the company tax element of it looking more like ‘foreign aid’; (h) the strange but nonetheless astonishing appointment of a Greens Senate candidate, Lin Hatfield Dodds, by Smarmy Mal, to the position of Deputy Secretary of Social Policy in the Department of PM & C giving rise to a more left-wing administration by the Coalition – if it is re-elected – and more aggravation on the Conservative side of the Liberal-led Coalition by the so-called ‘Del-Cons’ and (i) the jitters being created by continuing (early) talk of Liberals/Greens preference deals OR “pragmatic” Liberal preference allocations by flint-hard powerbrokers e.g. Michael Kroger who are advocating Liberals’ preferences to Greens ahead of Labor on the governing party’s how-to- vote cards in key inner-city Seats of Sydney and Melbourne ;

2. Katy Gallagher, ACT Labor incumbent Senator, even more audaciously, has written to The RPA – yet again – seeking support in her re-election campaign in Canberra;

3. Peter Consandine‘s report on participation at the inaugural Innovative Health & Hemp Expo at Rosehill Gardens on 14 & 15 May which yielded a healthy net profit plus 13 new RPA Memberships including the ‘big, heavily-bearded, organic gardener’ himself: ABC TV Anchorman, Costa Georgiadis;

4. The Australian Electoral Commission Chairman, Tom Rogers, having NOT found the time to consider the validated second 2016 List of RPA Members submitted in the review process having forced The Party in to abandoning the Plan ‘A’[endorsed candidates and tickets of two in ALL 6 Australian States] it had advanced for its involvement in the 2016 DD federal election necessitating the re-tailoring of the peremptory, complementary Plans ‘B’ and ‘C’ and the adding of a new Plan ‘D’.

5. The 226 Australian Arseholes joke – some funny business* at the expense of the 226 Federal politicians whose terms in the Federal Parliament expire at midnight on 1 July – having been furnished by Executive Member, Kerry McNally, and proved to be a popular distribution in the run-UP to the 2016 DD federal election [absolutely NO offence taken by anybody – probably because it was sophisticated and quite hilarious as well as being a geography lesson, simultaneously];With Reference to Item #4 above…Adopted as Plans for pro-active involvement in the 2016 DD federal election: ‘B’ – the establishment of the Peter Consandine Views blog;

‘C’ – the consolidation of the manifold existing program which will be bolstered with the launch of the State Republic of South Australia Campaign – the 5 th in the series; 

‘D’ – the cancellation of the ALL but redundant ‘PollWatch’ periodical re-visit and the concentration on the future of the Australian Republic and the strategy which will be most conducive to conversion to both the idea and the ideal by the Australian Electorate – by males and females alike but more particularly females [WOMEN!] – with the instigation of an entirely new direction.

(*Tim Mayfield of ARM to be consulted with beforehand on this score – and as soon as possible AND with no UNtoward “leaking”). 

Adopted: The 20-point platform – as UPdated…the 7 policies, as devised, in the 2 years since the issuing of the 10-point platform for the April 2014 WA Re-Election plus 3 new, contemporary policies which should resonate in the body politic between the present time and the following federal election.

Re-Adopted as a Joint Priority #1: That The Party keeps ‘topping UP’, numbers-wise, with the 2017 List foremost in mind; that, temporarily, there be a continuing lull in the street meeting(s) schedule except for less cumbersome stall opportunities which may arise e.g. the Rosehill Gardens Expo in mid-May. Noted: That Peter Consandine ‘s application to join the Real Republic Limited organisation – in solidarity – for Membership of that august body was denied due to the organisation being virtually a Clem Jones Trust. 

Resolved: That a section for Members’ actual Membership Number(s) be added to the Foundation Member’s Certificates for the next print-run.

Noted: That the latest missive from the ARM National Office is from Tim Mayfield, the National Director himself, and entails the lobby group surveying every federal politician as to their preference – monarchy (the status quo) OR a republic with Australian Heads-of- State. *The consensus of delegates was that ALL candidates seeking either re-election to office OR election to office [ALL parties, large, medium and small] for the first time would have been more weighty. Of course, the mailing cost(s) involved would have been much, much higher, albeit 10 times more effective than the e-mailing route which is the ARMs usual method of communicating.

Resolved: To purchase more stock of the 4 flavours which comprise the Republican-branded super-tangy olive oil product – since The Party’s supplies ran out at the HHI Expo at Rosehill Gardens, recently.

The Meeting ended at 10pm.