Minutes of the 16th EGM of The Republicans

Minutes of the 16th EGM of The Republicans
at Epping 2121 on 27 April, 2016

The Meeting commenced at 7.45pm.

Discussion Topics:

1. Paul Szep, a near-blind Queenslander, has attempted to start his own republican party by trying to convince disgruntled Queensland LNP federal parliamentarians to ‘jump ship’;

2. Malcolm Turnbull’s ratings drifting further South pro tem but his LNP Coalition ‘gummint’ is still maintaining the higher ground with the advantage of incumbency and the gains which should accrue from introducing of ‘sweeteners’ by Federal Treasurer, Scott Morrison in the UPcoming 3 May federal budget;

3. Bill Shorten’s ratings shooting UP by the week and, therewith, the Labor Party’s chances at the expected Saturday, 2 July federal poll;

4. Peter FitzSimons [Bandanna Boy & RB his nicknames in the Murdoch Press] seems to be getting lotsa ‘bad press’ with some of the following ‘labellings’ being frequently bandied (bandannaed?!) about: ‘dickhead’; ‘oxygen thief’; ‘show pony’; ‘red top’; ‘misinformer’ and ‘bore’;

5. Katy Gallagher, ACT Labor incumbent Senator, rather audaciously, has written The RPA for support in her re-election campaign in Canberra;

6. Pauline Hanson’s belief that she’ll finally get a Senator’s guernsey at the upcoming DD federal election on the grounds that she cannot, any longer, be “cheated out of [her] rightful place”;

7. Sophie Mirabella may be guilty of electoral bribery in a recent attempt to ridicule her Indi rival in the Seat, the Independent MHR, Cathy McGowan;

8. Gerard Henderson corrects everybody else’s mistakes in his weekly Sydney Institute Media Watch Dog bulletin but is not even courteous enough to acknowledge Peter Consandine’s pointing out to him his own ‘howler’ apropos RB’s true status in the A.R.M. as ‘Chairman’ – NOT ‘President’;

9. Tony Abbott’s “I’ve learned from my mistakes” article in The Oz newspaper of 23 April;

10. The May 2016 edition (the monthly publication out early!) of the Womens Weekly and, more particularly, the OmniPoll exclusive opinion polling on the topic of ‘WHAT AUSTRALIA REALLY THINKS of the MONARCHY’ [*see later decision by the delegates on this score];

11. Mason Gaffney’s brilliant article…’Tax Treatment of Land Income’;

12. Glenn Davies has produced a very colourful record of the 25th Republican of the Year Dinner event held in suburban Brisbane (Ashgrove, 4060) on 3 March for posterity on The Party’s website;

13. Peter Consandine has furnished The Party’s website with the Record of the Launch of the State Republic of Queensland Campaign held in suburban Brisbane (again, Ashgrove, 4060) on 7 March;

14. Patrick Hannaford’s & James Paterson’s timely article…’Unions in Labor: A Handbrake on Reform’…this is a virtual expose on Labor Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten, and how he’d be ‘another Gillard’;

15. Bronwyn Bishop’s losing of her pre-selection in Mackellar. Bewdy! What a horrid woman!;

16. Leonie Kramer’s obituary (The Conservative Dame dead this past week at age 91) written  UP in the SMH of 22 April which gave pointer to the perpetual problem for the conversion from monarchy to republic for women like her viz “I would certainly vote for constitutional change if it delivered something better than we have now  but I don’t believe the republic will offer that” {*see later response by the delegates on this].

Re-Adopted as Priority #1:  That The Party keeps gearing UP for the (now anticipated) Double Dissolution federal election on Saturday, 2 July as Plan ‘A’.  Further Decision: That The Party go to Federal Election 2016 with the 17-point platform it has devised over the last two years, certainly, but with both a Plan ‘B’ and (additionally) a Plan ‘C’ .  Further Reiteration: That The Party retain the earlier-developed slogan e.g. ‘It’s the REPUBLIC – Didn’t You Know?!’ Noted, Crucially:  That the (30th) Annual National Republican Convention including the Annual General Meeting of The Republicans – scheduled for Bunbury WA over the weekend Saturday/Sunday 21 & 22 May – will, for the first time, be held during a Federal Election campaign.

Resolved:  That The Party utilises its new logo viz  ‘RPA: republic!’ as part of it’s livery as often as possible. *The Party was ONLY allowed by the AEC a tiny 10mm x 10mm size black & white logo for the Senate ballot paper BUT larger sizes, apparently, as well as colours, are allowed by the regulator for signage, banners, stall facias and the like.

Resolved as Strategic Matters Pertinent to the 2016 Federal Election:  (a) That 3 position papers of yesteryear be revived and tailored for the current electoral climate…’WHY A REPUBLIC?’; ‘REPUBLIC DELAYED is REPUBLIC DENIED!’ and ‘The ESSENCE of REPUBLICAN LIBERTARIANISM’; (b) That the basic 10-plank policy platform of The Party be added to with the 7 well-founded policies devised over the 2 years since the WA Senate Re-Election in April, 2014; (c) That ‘PollWatch’ fortnightly periodicals recommence with Issue #9 in the series [*noting that the first 8 editions of ‘PollWatch’ were disseminated in the lead-UP to the August 2013 Federal Election]; (d) That the 2016 Survey of The RPA rank & file go out in the alluded-to 868 Mailer of FMCs.

Approved:  The covering letter, as drafted, to go out with the 868 Mailer of FMCs.

Approved:  The approach letter, as drafted, to go out to RPA Members regarding saving their postage stamps for The Party. *This fairly new initiative has been ‘test-driven’ already with a previous (128) Mass Mailer to those Members of The RPA who do NOT have e-mail addresses.

Agreed:  That Peter Consandine try even harder to persuade his Australian Republican counterpart, Peter FitzSimons, to meet with him – given that there would be at least a 5-point agenda to address.

Noted:  That The Party’s Castle Hill Post Office Box has been renewed, on 11 March, for the next 12 months.

Noted:  That The Party’s reply-paid postal facility has been renewed, also on 11 March, for the next 12 months.

Re-Adopted as Priority #2:  That The Party keeps ‘topping UP’, numbers-wise, with the 2017 List foremost in mind; that, temporarily, there be a continuing lull in the street meeting schedule except for less cumbersome stall opportunities which may arise. 

Adopted:  Peter Consandine’s report on the success to date of the ‘One-to-One’/’Door-by-Door’ Membership Drive since Sunday, 20 September – 233 positive confirmations so far.  Noted, again: the pratfalls and difficulties – sometimes – in pursuit of numbers…NO way, is this specialised/unique activity a ‘walk in the proverbial park’!

Further Peter Consandine Reports: 1. A full spreadsheet copy of the second & final 2016 List of RPA Members submitted to the AECs Chief Electoral Commissioner, Tom Rogers, on 4 April was transmitted to The Party’s National Treasurer, Kerry McNally, for back-UP and safekeeping/contingency purposes. *The RPA acknowledges, again, the superb, discreet assistance of Scott Kitto in this major transfer exercise;

2.  The AECs NSW Manager, Doug Orr, invited Peter Consandine to a briefing for political parties at the Sydney (Haymarket) office of the federal agency which is where Consandine re-made acquaintance with former political associates including Glenn Druery, Geoff Ash, Peter Breen, William Bourke and Clinton Mead. Consandine also met one of the Voluntary Euthanasia Party’s Senate candidates, Shayne Higson. Consandine was, handily, able to corner Tim Courtney – the AECs First Assistant Commissioner (UP from Canberra) – for interim advice on protocols pertinent to the lodgement of The Party’s new logo for registration. *Because Mr Orr was still raw on the meaning of ALL the recent, wholesale changes to the Commonwealth Electoral Act, he assured the gathering of party agents that he would get the ‘right oil’ on certain aspects and inform them in writing as soon as practicable.

Noted:  The Party has authorised as Recruiters 2 more Volunteers: Gavin Begbie in Woodburn 2472 and Stephane Nowok in Woody Point, 4019. Resolved:  (a) that these 2 stalwarts each be issued with a Westpac deposit book and (b) that these 2 electoral intellectuals be added to The Party’s Consultative Committee.

Agreed:  That Glenn Davies be approached for permission to log his ‘Get Your Queen off our Fiver’ article published in the Independent Australia’s 21 April edition on to The Party’s website.

Agreed:  That Gareth Evans be approached for permission to reproduce his ‘The Anglosphere Illusion’ article published in the (Singaporean) Straits Times 24 February edition on to The Party’s website.

Agreed:  That Peter Consandine should apply to the Real Republic Limited organisation – in solidarity – for Membership of that august body.

Agreed:  That 2 new catalysts for an OZ Republic are provided with (a) the design and layout of the new $5 Australian banknote and (b) the strong possibility that the endorsed Labour Party candidate for the London (UK) Mayoralty – Sadiq Khan, a muslim – will get elected.

Agreed:  That The Party support Party Member, Brett Hunt, in his endeavour to get 21 June UP as ‘National Appreciation of Music Day’ with the view to, potentially, adopting the cultural initiative as future party policy.

Agreed:  That The Party support Party Member, Aldo Crisafulli, in his desire to hold a meeting of ALL Italo-Australian RPA Members – but once the 2016 Federal election is ‘done & dusted’.

Agreed:  That The RPA should ‘stay friendly’ with Paul Szep [see above] and offer suitable inducements to him whilst meeting with him at the first opportunity.

Resolved to Purchase:

(a) 2 new green stamp pads and 4 bottles of green stamp pad ink to assist with the mailing of the 838 Mailers sending out Foundation Member’s Certificates to new & re-newed Party Members since April, 2014;

(b) 2 new Party address stamps;

(c) 2 new ‘COPY’ self-inking stamps.

Resolved:  That a special vote of Thanks be conveyed to Glenn Druery for (a) his key advice on Queenslander, Matt Poole and his attempts – on Pauline Hanson’s behalf – to establish a separate Minor Parties association and (b) for his “UNreliability” assessment of Ipswich-based would-be Queensland Senator: Patricia Petersen.

Agreed:  That Peter Consandine should participate at the Innovative Health Expo at Rosehill on Saturday/Sunday, 14 & 15 May, and that The Party bankroll the stall fee [$200] thereat out of consolidated revenue. Further Agreed:  That The Party sponsor the double-sided colour A4 brochure on the benefits of a legalised industrial and medicinal cannabis industry in 21C Australia – on behalf of The IHA.

Resolved, finally:  That The Party dissect the monarch’s 90th Birthday Special article in the May 2016 edition of the Womens Weekly – including the educational February 2016 OmniPoll survey of Australians and their 2016 nationwide, opinion and support for the monarchy – and make it a salient subject of the 6th State of the Republican Nation Report to be released in tandem with the 2016 Wattle Day (11th) Newsletter in August, 2016.  Concurred, absolutely:  The Party deems this matter to be of such  dire importance and sheer relevance to The Republican Cause in Australia.

The Meeting ended at 10. 30pm.

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