Minutes of the 15th EGM of The Republicans

at Epping 2121 on 27 January, 2016

The Meeting commenced at 7.40pm.

Discussion Topics:  

1. Australia is no more either a colony of Great Britain OR the USA but an (economic) colony of China!;

2. Malcolm Turnbull’s getting a reputation for heading (NOT leading) a timid ‘do nothing’ government;

3. Bill Shorten’s ratings now diminished to an average 19% in the three (3) major Oz opinion polls;

4. Peter FitzSimons’ publicising campaign for the Oz Republic which is decidedly gaining momentum;

5. Clive Palmer and his PUPs’ demise and his probable contempt of Federal Parliament;

6. Dick Smith still toying with running at the 2016 federal election in the federal Seat of MACKELLAR;

7. Laura Tingle’s Australian Quarterly essay: ‘Political Amnesia: How We Forgot to Govern’;

8. Nick Xenophon’s attempting to ‘go national’ with his NXT and his slightly improved chances;

9. Tony Abbott’s leaving the punters with a most worthwhile legacy viz: ‘BRANDING AUSTRALIA’;

10. Stephen Quinton’s terrifying article: ‘2016 is the New 1984’;

11. Linda Mottram’s having made her mark on the subject of the so-called ‘History Wars’;

12. Bernard Gaynor’s  Australian Liberty Alliance [ALA] and their federal electoral prospects/appeal;

13. ALL State Premiers except WA and both Territory Chief Ministers signing the Republican Declaration;

14. The very new (2016) Australian of the Year – David Morrison – declaring for the Australian Republic;

15. The AECs ‘rollchecking’ of The RPAs #1 ticketholder and founder Peter Consandine!

Re-Adopted as Priority #1:  That The Party keeps gearing UP for an early Double Dissolution federal election – expecting still for it to be held in late March/early April but near-certainly before 30 June. *Courtesy of previous Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, there are already two (2) double dissolution triggers but with there being a likelihood of at least three (3) triggers.

Further Decision: That The Party go to Federal Election 2016 with the 17-point platform it has devised over the last twenty-one (21) months. Further Decision: That a slogan e.g. ‘It’s the REPUBLIC – Didn’t You Know?!’ be employed.

Re-Adopted as Priority #2:  That The Party keeps ‘topping UP’, numbers-wise, with the 2017 List foremost in mind; that, temporarily, there be a lull in the street meeting schedule. 

Adopted:  Peter Consandine’s report on the success to date of the ‘One-to-One’/’Door-by-Door’ Membership Drive since Sunday, 20 September – 161 confirmations so far.  Noted, therewith: the pratfalls and difficulties – sometimes – in pursuit of numbers…NO way, is this specialised activity a ‘walk in the proverbial park’! Further Noted: That The Party had gotten quite used to the ‘Electoral Limboland’ situation which obtains.

Adopted:  That the 4th stage of the ‘Oz Republic-by-Default’ Campaign be launched in Brisbane – for the State Republic of 

Queensland – on Monday, 7 March and that ALL real (identified) and potential stakeholders be notified; that the attendant signage and  the invitation mailout follow that of the earlier (2014 + 2015) test drives in Tasmania, Victoria and WA. 

Further Peter Consandine Reports: 1. A full spreadsheet copy of the 2016 List of RPA Members submitted to the AEC on 11 January was transmitted to The Party’s National Treasurer, Kerry McNally, for back-UP and safekeeping/contingency purposes. *The RPA acknowledges the superb, discreet assistance of Scott Kitto in this major transfer exercise;

2. Communications with key Australian journalists Paddy Manning, Marcus Strom and Luke Slattery – the latter being enthusiastic enough to join The RPA;

3. The significance of the SMH editorial of the weekend of 2/3 January: ‘A HAPPY 2016 – the Year of The Republic’!  Noted, therewith: That the SMH is a pronouncedly strong supporter of an Oz Republic;

4. The NORTH SYDNEY federal by-election on 5 December last – with the quite surprising showing of the RNS orthopaedic surgeon, Independent, Stephen Ruff, who convincingly beat the ex-Democrats MLC, Arthur Chesterfield-Evans of The NSW Greens, in to second place in the blue ribbon Liberal Seat;

5. The currency The Party earnt with an adaptation of an UNsolicited blurb from a disgruntled, elderly gentleman of the Oz body politic: ‘I’m In My 70s and I’m Tired!’;

6. The further currency The Party gained from writing a position paper on the matter of MOMENTUM for an Australian Republic [see Discussion Point #4 above] NOT being the same thing as CHANGE!;

7. That, in solidarity with the ARM, he has re-joined that organisation;

8. The value per eligible federal election vote, after recent CPI adjustment = $2.63.

Noted:  The November/December 2015 fund-raising raffle yielded $1445 for the coming campaigns (plural) war chest. 

Noted also:  That the first and second-placed Party Member prize-winners – Maria Di Paola of Kingsgrove and Mark Skinner of Concord, respectively, have had their winning prizes hand-delivered to them.

Agreed:  That, with postage having gone UP so savagely on 4 January, a new stamps-collecting/new stamps-donating initiative needed to be implemented.

Noted:  The Party, suddenly – and more cogently since 20 September last – has 5 Volunteer recruiters:  Ron Williams in Toowoomba 4350, Leo Foley in Hobart  7000, Henry Wechmann in Georges Hall 2198, Allen Wilson in Bairnsdale 3875 and Mark Badman in Capalaba 4157. Noted also:  Marcus Anderson is pulling the occasional number with  his unique, on-line recruitment effort in Spearwood 6163. Resolved: That ALL 6 authorised Party recruiters be issued a Westpac deposit book. 

Noted: That the National Executive of The Party had now `been boosted’ to a net 21 with the addition of Leo Foley in Hobart and Geoff Lutz in Essendon 3040 (suburban Melbourne). Noted also: That conscientious husband & wife team of Sydney-suburban residents Henry and Diane Wechmann have been appointed Assistant Secretaries.

Agreed: That the format of the writing UP of the official Minutes of EGM #14 be the new norm.

Agreed:   That, most probably, the time was rapidly arriving when a complete differentiation statement would have to be prepared and distributed which spelt out the clear differences between The Republican Party of Australia [RPA] and the 

Australian Republican Movement [ARM] in terms of entirely separate structures, directions, agenda-settings etc.Further Understood: That The RPA needed to clearly ‘stake out its domain’ – in the Australian Republican scheme of things.

Agreed:  That the writing UP of the ‘STATE of the REPUBLICAN NATION Report #5’ be proceeded with, expeditiously. 

Noted:  ALL arrangements pertinent to the Glenn Davies ‘AUSTRALIAN REPUBLICAN of the Year’ Dinner at Ashgrove, 4060 (inner-suburban Brisbane) are ‘in place’ – The date: 3 March, The venue: The Hub Restaurant.  * A big round of appreciation to The Hub’s proprietor, Sandro Romano, for his wonderful ‘Republican-Italian’ provisioning.

Noted:  That renowned author and prominent SMH columnist, Anne Summers, has been approached to be the 2017 Wattle Day Luncheon Guest Speaker.

Agreed:  That, with the looming 35th Anniversary of the founding of The RPA, a suitable Guest Speaker be approached – several suggestions were bandied around. Further Agreed: That Saturday, 11 February, 2017 be the date – so that the ‘holiday’ month of January may effectively be skipped by.

Resolved to Purchase:  (a) 1 new rubber stamp – to assist with the mailing of the invitations for the Glenn Davies’ dinner;

(b) 1 new pull-UP banner for the quoted price of $170 from Colour Perfect Printing at Parramatta;

(c) 39 [three baker’s dozens] of the Wattle Day, 1st September badges from the Wattle Association.

Agreed:  That Peter Consandine should attend the Sustainable Population Australia National AGM in Melbourne in April.

Noted:  Peter Consandine went on to advocate more positive/active involvement in the inter-related Oz industrial and medicinal hemp industries in general and the Industrial Hemp Association in particular.

Noted:  That the AEC advised The RPA that another new political party – Consumer Rights & No-Tolls – applied for registration and  that the Victorian Greens had applied for a separate registration to the Australian Greens. A schism in The Greens’ ranks? Will the WA Greens be next to apply to the AEC for separate registration?

The Meeting ended at 10.10pm.





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