Minutes of the 14th EGM of The Republicans

Epping 2121 on 28 October, 2015

The Meeting commenced at 7.30pm punctually

Discussion Topics:  

1. Northern Territory Statehood back on the drawing boards;

2. Malcolm Turnbull’s ascension to the Prime Ministership;

3. Bill Shorten’s prospects in the light of the Liberals’ coup d’etat;

4. Peter FitzSimons’ (nickname: ‘RB’) perpetual grandstanding and self-promotion;

5. Joe Hockey’s likely departure from Federal Parliament – to take up the Ambassadorship to Washington DC whilst creating a By-Election in his Seat of NORTH SYDNEY;

6. Labor (already) negotiating an alliance with the Australian Greens for the period 2016-2019;

7. Peter Reith’s new position paper: ‘5 Lessons to Learn before Going into Politics’;

8. The AECs 2014 Election Pocket Guide which has the complete record of registered parties and their endorsed candidates who stood in 2013 and included, on perusing same, former RPA endorsed candidates e.g. John August and Brian Buckley.

Re-Adopted as Priority #1:  That The Party keeps gearing UP for an early Federal election – expecting still for it to be held in the early part of 2016 – say, in March and, if it’s to be a Double Dissolution, then before 30 June.

Re-Adopted as Priority #2:  That The Party keeps ‘topping UP’, numbers-wise, and with agility (the new buzzword), for the imminent Re-Registration of The Party. 

Adopted:  Peter Consandine’s Report on the success to date of the ‘One-to-One’/’Door-by-Door’ Membership Drive since 

Sunday, 20th September: 68 confirmations so far including one from Flinders Island (see later additional report). *The Membership Drive is, in many respects for Peter, about ‘reunionising’ [a coined word for getting back in touch with lotsa old associates from Peter’s various earlier-on careers]. Moreover, Peter has ALL the old sister party (ABOLISH STATE 

GOVERNMENTS!) files to work through. Thus: ‘conversions’! Thus, also: the temporary return of ‘Honorary Memberships’.

Noted:  Bob Brown (former Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania) confirmed as Wattle Day Luncheon Guest Speaker for 

1st September, 2016.  Noted therewith: already, pro-forma invitations mocked UP and currently being distributed.

Noted:  That the 10th Annual Wattle Day Luncheon was a great success with Guest Speaker Hugh Mackay in fine form. 

Noted therewith: 1. The speech is now located on The Party’s website; 2. The Parramatta Advertiser gave the event a big plug – with a luvly colour photograph of Peter Consandine featured with the ‘copy’.

Noted:  That the Wattle Day Newsletter #10 Project of June-August 2015 was bigger than topsy: 2082 package-postings!

Resolution:  Peter Consandine to accept invitation to Bob Brown’s second book launch on 29th October. ALL very ‘palsy-walsy’ with the ex-Greens Senator!

Agreed:   A November/December raffle should be held to assist in raising interim (necessary) funds.

Agreed:  That if The National Secretariat runs out of RPA reply-paid envelopes (then) use – FULL use – of the remaining supply of RWC [Republican Wine Club] reply-paid envelopes be made.

Adopted:  The new ‘THANKSATON’ covering letter to new or converted members. 

Agreed:  A new ‘Token’ Membership category be instigated for Non-Members of The RPA – those who make annual donations OR buy product from The Party.

Agreed:  Glenn Davies, the Queensland Convenor of the ARM [and, incidentally, a former Member of The RPA and former RPA Conference Speaker] be installed as ‘AUSTRALIAN REPUBLICAN of the Year 2015’ and that a Dinner be organised for the attendant award ceremony in Brisbane in early 2016. Noted therewith: the calligraphy on the award certificate and the (gold) framing to be arranged – as a matter of course.

Agreed:  That a new petition needs to be commenced regarding the integral issue of the term: ‘sustainable population’ (see below regarding William Bourke’s party jettisoning the key word from his party’s name!).

Resolved to Purchase:  (a) 3 new rubber stamps – to assist with the full documenting of information required on both new joiners and existing members who are re-committing;

(b) Paddy Manning’s UNauthorised biography on Malcolm Turnbull [‘BORN to RULE’];

(c)  2 new Oz Republic-by-Default signs to be made for the States of Queensland and SA;

(d) new keyboard for The National Secretariat PC;

(e)  new batch of ‘With Compliments’ slips;

(f)  3 new bridge tables;

(g)  2 new trestle tables;

Agreed:  That the ‘Yes, The RPA Does Hold Meetings’ e-mail reply to Paul Baker be translated in to an additional document for The Party’s website.

Agreed:  That the ‘CATALYSTS* for an AUSTRALIAN REPUBLIC’ speech prepared for presentation at the Parramatta Rotary Club by Peter Consandine on Monday, 24th August be fashioned in to a document to also go on to The Party’s website. 

*Separate from the sections in each and every ‘STATE of the REPUBLICAN NATION’ Report.

Agreed:   That the time is opportune for The Party to revive the complementary campaigns of




Noted:  Peter Consandine went on a flying visit to the Bass Strait Islands* of Flinders and King over 5-8 October.

*Most interesting that the people of these 2 islands fiercely defer to ‘Mainland Tasmania’! Whereas, the people of Bruny and Maria Islands – admittedly a lot closer to Hobart – do no such thing.

Noted:  The more professional structures of The RPA now: National Secretariat + Serviced Office + (small) printery + 2 repositories (not one but two!).

Noted: That 2 other (new) political parties are gearing for Federal registration with the AEC: (a) the Liberty Alliance  – founder: Bernard Gaynor an ex-military man and (b) the Australian Muslims Party. Noted herewith:  That the Stable Population Party is going through another iteration – this time without the key word ‘population’ in the heading!

Adopted:  The Minutes (bipartisan) of the Summit Meeting on Wednesday, 22nd  July of the respective republican National 

Director counterparts – ARMs Tim Mayfield and RPAs Peter Consandine.

General Viewpoints:

1. That The RPA needed to re-design its official bequest form;

2. That electoral reform was becoming an urgent issue to be addressed – more particularly the need for voters to show photo-identification before they are handed

their ballot papers by election booth [AEC] staff – as electoral fraud is, evidently, rampant;

3. That The RPA must, early-in-the-piece in 2016, re-format its Census Year survey form so that once the full complement of Coalition (Liberal/National Senators and MHRs) Federal Parliamentarians is known following the 2016 federal election – whenever in the year it is held – The RPA can ‘go to work’ as it were and ‘reveal ALL’ apropos their present-day sentiment(s) on the monarchy versus republic issue;

4. That ‘what gives’ regarding the ‘Beyond Federation’ organisation needs  to be ascertained – sooner rather than later. 

The Meeting ended at 10.30pm (or thereabouts).



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