Report on the Launching of the Campaign for a Western Australian State Republic

Report on the Launching of the Campaign for a
Western Australian State Republic

by Peter Consandine

January, 2015 was the month when the Australian Republic-by-Default Campaign continued in earnest with a cohesive, on-the-ground effort in Victoria following on from the ‘Test Run’ in the  Island State of Tasmania in October, 2014. Before re-joining the Victorian effort in late March the Western Australian launch was staged.


The inaugural Committee Meeting at the ‘S’ Room of the Osborne Park Hotel in suburban Perth on 17 March, 2015 signed off – APPROVINGLY – on the following resolutions:

The prepared petitions for (a) A Republic for the State of Western Australia and (b) Popular Election of the Western Australian State Governor – a complementary petition to the first petition.

The colourful, attention-getting sign: ‘The REPUBLIC of WA – How About It?’

The next Get-Together to be, as far as practicable, in the second half of 2015 at the same venue.

The need to do soundings in the meantime to gain important imprimatur, respectability and entity per Sponsorship.

The need  to plump for publicity for The Cause – but ONLY once the petitions [plural] go on-line.

The paramount importance of the Australian Republic-by-Default Campaign carrying on through to the next Federal Senate election and beyond.

The WA Committee persons to decide the next steps (the ‘Pathways’, indeed) in this State at the 30th Annual National Republican Convention set down for the South Western city of Bunbury on the weekend of Saturday/Sunday 21/22 May 2016.

The next Commonwealth Census being set down for 2016 (post Convention), that the usual

5-yearly survey of Federal Conservative (Liberals & Nationals) Parliamentarians take place to guage attitudes to the Australian Republic – with the view to the publishing of the findings.

Peter Consandine appointed to extend his involvement in the Western Australian State Republic Campaign so far as ‘The Co-Ordinating Secretary’ until, at least, the May 2016 Republican Convention at Bunbury.



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