Minutes of the 13th EGM of The Republicans

Epping 24 June, 2015

The Meeting commenced at 7.30 pm punctually (the new time).

Discussion Topic: The ABC 3-part television series: ‘The KILLING SEASON’ just recently concluded. The federal Labor Party viewed by delegates assembled to have reminded the punters of just how dysfunctional they were in Office over the 6 years 2007-2013. The general belief being that the Tony Abbott-led Coalition government (a) has by default, lifted its stocks and (b) is likely to be tempted in to ‘going early’ to a Federal election.


Adopted as Priority #1:  The Party gears UP for an early Federal election and expects same to be held most probably in the early part of 2016 – say, in March and, if it’s to be a Double Dissolution, then before 30 June.

Adopted as Priority #2:  The Party prepares for the very near-future Re-Registration of The Party. Noted herewith:  That The Party has had interim liaison with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) but is yet to be officially informed of the audit arrangements which will swing in to place, expectedly, sometime soon.

Noted:  The Annual General Meeting held at West Tamworth on 24 May resolutely endorsed the ‘OZ REPUBLIC -by- DEFAULT Campaign’ as summarised in the 17 April General Report by Peter Consandine and modified the plan for the remainder of 2015 – subject to favourable or opportunistic circumstances.

Resolution (now) with reference to the aforementioned:  To NOT move forward on the ‘OZ REPUBLIC-by-DEFAULT Campaign’ until Peter Consandine has met with the new Management of the Australian Republican Movement (ARM). Noted herewith: (a) That the ARM has a new National Director in Tim Mayfield (replacing David Morris) and that the organisation is in the throes of replacing as Chair the recently-departed to an overseas placement of one Geoff Gallop and (b) That Peter Consandine and his new ARM counterpart Tim Mayfield have already exchanged interim e-mails.

Re-Inforcement:  The RPAs Rule of Law policy as The Party’s endorsement of Australia’s Magna Carta.

Agreed:  That a delegate of The Party attend the ‘FIXING of Our BROKEN POLITICS’ Progressive Conservatism Conference in Brisbane over 10/11 August 2015 – if the ‘Away’ schedule (even, as amended) allows.

Noted:  Peter Consandine has a new vehicle to rock around the traps in – a 2015 model 308 Peugeot Allure hatchback sedan – replacing  the worn-out 1994 model 405 SRi Peugeot sedan. Noted herewith: That the new car is a fair bit smaller in carrying capacity and (that) therefore The Modus Operandi of the Street Meeting program will, of necessity, have to be changed/adjusted accordingly.

Noted:  The new stock of ‘Republican’ branded coffee (2 varieties) and olive oil (4 different flavours) has arrived at Hubtopia and that pre-orders for the ALL-Australian product are already being fulfilled.

Noted:  The Australian Democrats endorsed Senate Candidate contract has been sought by The Party’s contacts in this now-deregistered political party.

Noted:  That The Party has negotiated a new repository in the neighbourhood to stack party records etc while space is made at Hubtopia for important party consolidation work and history-writing.

Noted:  That The Party’s post box (No 843, Castle Hill 1765) has been renewed for the next 12 months.

Noted:  That a Community Forum was held in the Mitchell Federal electorate – wherein The Party’s Headquarters are situated – hosted by the local Liberal MHR Alex Hawke on 12 June at the local Castle Hill RSL Community Club for the Foreign Minister Julie Bishop which attracted a capacity audience of 760 people.

Peter Consandine was in attendance and reports that (a) the Guest gave an excellent account or herself – in that she was obviously totally conversant with the geopolitical situation Australia finds itself in and (b) the possible next Australian Prime Minister – and second female – was not prepared to commit to being the PM who would deliver the Australian Republic should she accede to the Top Job in the Australian Government.

Noted:  That the Wattle Day Luncheon invitation for the second iteration – the formal and personalised stage in the lead-UP to the annual event at Old Government House, Parramatta Park – is in place. Noted herewith:  That Wattle Day Newsletter #10 will go out per a mass mailer in tandem with ‘STATE of The REPUBLICAN NATION Report #4’ during July and August.

Noted:  Head Office PC difficulties pro tem – an Old PC versus a New PC set of problems gradually being worked through by Messrs Vic Hocking, Miles Harris, Kerry McNally and Peter Zheng.

Noted:  Party website back-up insurance being implemented and commensurately ensured steadily by

Messrs Miles Harris and Kerry McNally.

Noted:  2 other (new) political parties are gearing for Federal registration with the AEC: (a) the Affordable Housing Party [AHP] – founder, tax lawyer Tony Long and (b) Public Interests Before Private Interests [PIBPI]

– founder Joe Toscano. Noted herewith:  That formerly prominent political parties who have lost their registration [thus are de-registered] include the Australian Democrats + the Democratic Labor Party

+ the Sex Party.

Reports from The Traps: (a) South Australian Party Members & Supporters want to instigate a ‘STATE REPUBLIC for SA’ campaign as soon as practicable; (b) Likewise, South East Queensland Members & Supporters want to get UP and running with their ‘STATE REPUBLIC for QLD’ campaign – although this concept at least connotes a contradiction in terms! Both camps have been told they will have to, collectively, “cool their heels” for a little while to come. And then there’s NSW!!

Reportage from Central Europe:  Peter Consandine visited, amongst many other places on his recent 5-week long April/May trip to The Continent the Hemp Museum, the fabulous Sony Centre and the amazing Reichstag in Berlin; the Stasi Museum and the famous Cafe Baum in Leipzig; the Beer Museum and George Patton Museum in Pilsen; the top-of-the-hill Castle and the John Lennon Wall in Prague; Court #600 Museum and the Zeppelinfeld Documentation Sentrum in Nuremberg; the Imperial Palace and the Cafe Mozart in Vienna; the Danubiana Art Museum and Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava – the latter venue where he picked up a most interesting brochure on the alcohol problem in the Slovak Republic.

Promotional Idea for 2016 and beyond:  A4-sized calendar. A “Maybe” was the general thought of delegates.

Noted (very agreeably):  That the No Land Tax Party failed in its bid for a NSW Legislative Council seat – beaten in to last place by the Animal Justice Party – in the final wash-UP once ALL preferences were distributed in the 28 March quadrennial general election.

The Meeting ended at 10 pm sharp.


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