General Report on the Oz Republic-by-Default Campaign

And its Progress To Date

by Peter Consandine, Campaign Director

Dear Reader (and, presumably, Fellow-Republican)…

‘So Far, So Good’ is the early interim summary and the appropriate Top Line.


The Launches have taken place – in what is a State-by-State Conversion program which entails the Monarchical States converting [CONVERTING!] from being monarchies to republics – in three of the six sovereign States of Australia…in order: Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia with a mixed but overall encouraging set of results, so far.

A separate report on the specifics of the WA launch will be posted on The Party’s website soon.

However, to achieve what The Party enterprise has been able to in the five operational months to date (October 2014 – March 2015 inclusive) has been super-costly…the March 2015 foraying over nearly 4 weeks saw outgoings amounting to almost $3,300. Admittedly, the distances involved in driving to Adelaide, SA then flying to WA, then flying back to SA, then driving through South-Eastern SA back to and through rural/regional Mallee/Wimmera and Pyrenees Victoria and then, in turn, returning to Hubtopia, Castle Hill NSW National Secretariat, were staggeringly high.

The latter two areas (SE of South Australia and Western Victoria) were notably recessed – parts indeed were depressed, economically speaking.

Notwithstanding the conditions, eight more street meetings have been held and the proverbial show goes ON! Literally, now, hundreds of Australian Republicans have ‘signed ON’. We are most decidedly ONTO something which resonates – that has both traction and attraction.

Time though, now, to consolidate and prepare to venture forth to the next phase in the Oz Republic-by-Default Campaign which will entail, I strongly believe, on-the-ground work in South Australia and South-East Queensland in the second half of 2015 in tandem with an on-line petition launch sometime after 10 June.

The fitting time and place to ‘pick UP the pieces’ will be at the 29th Annual General Meeting of The Party Umbrella Group at Tamworth (New England) over the 23/24 May weekend [see details on The official website:].

Well, that’s ‘the General’…now to ‘the Specifics – two additional albeit complementary reports which will come UP onto The Republicans website soon.

Keeping morale high and Leading by example…I remain, Yours Patriotically,


NW Sydney, 17 April, 2015

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