Minutes of the 12th EGM of The Republicans

Minutes of the 12th EGM of The Republicans at Epping 2121

on 25 February, 2015

It was an earlier start than usual but brought forward to 7.30pm for two reasons: (a) the Agenda was a particularly long one and (b) for uniformity with the Meeting Commencement times at interstate gigs.


Discussion Topics:  

1. The possible or probable implications for the Peoples’ Sovereignty of the Australian Republic of Malcolm Turnbull being reinstated as Federal Parliamentary Leader of the Liberal Party and thus being simultaneously appointed by his Liberal colleagues as the Prime Minister of the country.

Peter Consandine’s very recent conversations with Messrs Shane Dowling, Terry Fewtrell and Richard Davies were pivotal here. These three men know Malcolm Turnbull and his track record ONLY too well!

2. The draft of the third approach letter to Peter Consandine’s two counterparts in the ARM, Messrs Geoff Gallop and David Morris, regarding – even at this late stage – a joint involvement in the

‘OZ REPUBLIC-BY-DEFAULT Campaign’. The submitted draft was adopted without amendment.

3.The State of the Federation as regards the Premiers who are known to be Republican sympathisers: Will Hodgman (Liberal) in Tasmania;

Daniel Andrews (Labor) in Victoria;
Colin Barnett (Liberal) in Western Australia;
Mike Baird (Liberal) in New South Wales:
Jay Weatherill (Labor) in South Australia;
Annastacia Palaszczuk (Labor) in Queensland.

*It is not yet known where Andrew Barr in the Australian Capital Territory or Adam Giles in the Northern Territory stand on the Australian Republic issue but when The RPA knows, it will be published information.

Another Replacement Catalyst: Prince Andrew’s alleged engagement in sex slavery in the USA. This is a story with grotty-sleaze and super-sexism written ALL over it and which, even yet, may see a Member of the British Royal Family having to give evidence in an American criminal court &/or yield to efforts being made to extradite Andrew Windsor to face charges of being a willing accomplice in a very serious matter, as far as the American judicial system is concerned, involving the Prince’s alleged liaisons with organised/groomed-for-the-Upper Classes, under-age prostitutes – one of them an Australian woman from the NSW Central Coast.

Adopted:  The Report in to the Conduct of the Inauguration of the State Republic of Victoria Campaign by Peter Consandine.

Noted:  That the next Meeting of the Committee for the Victorian State Republic is set down for 10 June at the same South Yarra (Melbourne) venue.

Adopted:  The plan (now) for the State Republic of Western Australia Campaign to commence on 12 March, 2015 – the official Launch, per se, being on 17 March.

Resolution (now), with reference to the aforementioned:  To get a ‘Republic of Western Australia’ attention-getting sign made in exactly the same layout, style and sizing as that prepared for both the Tasmanian and Victorian ventures.

Resolution (now), again with reference to the WA plan:  To re-format the two applicable petitions for the Western Australian venture.

Noted:  That a box of 6 ‘Oz Rainsaver’ water diverter appliances has been shipped over to WA – for fundraising purposes (prizes in raffles etc) – on the ground in Greater Perth in March.

Noted:  That Peter Consandine has been able to re-jig his AWAY itinerary so that he could call a Special Meeting of known South Australian Republicans (RPA Members + ARM Members + Elizabethan Republicans) on 10 March at Maylands (Adelaide).

Agreed:  That South Australia be elevated to 4th Preferred State in terms of prioritising the ‘OZ REPUBLIC-BY-DEFAULT Campaign’ for the balance of the equation to be completed in the medium-term viz: (a) allowing for the ARM to enter the fray [not expected]; (b) capitalising on the fairly recent (2013) grass roots groundwork done there and (c) cohesiveness, given that the State is, geographically, in between Victoria and Western Australia.

Noted:  That consideration was given to the opinions proffered by constitutional law academics:

George Winterton (*deceased) from 1986 and Greg Craven from 2011 apropos the efficacy and legality of State Republics being instigated – by due process, to be certain – seriatim, whilst remaining/co-existing with other monarchical States in a constitutional, monarchical Federal Commonwealth.

Reports from The Traps: (a) David Morris has ‘given notice’ of his impending resignation from his paid position at the ARM with Alison Henry to ‘hold the fort’ whilst a new selection as ARM Executive Director is made;

(b) Peter Consandine cannot glean ANY support, currently, for the old Republican Gatherers’ Organisation (RGO) to be revived/restored either as what it was up until end May, 2009 or as a new body viz: Coalition of Australian Republicans (CAR). A near-tragedy. But, at the very least, one Republican body  “keeps ON, keeping ON” for The Cause – as, indeed, The RPA must!

Appointments: 1. Allen Wilson of Tambo Upper in Eastern Victoria is appointed both (a) Regional Convenor for Gippsland, Republican Party of Australia and (b) Chairman, Gippsland Chapter of the State Republic of Victoria Campaign.

2. Ian Goss of Montmorency (Melbourne) is appointed to the National Executive of The RPA.

Adopted:  The Minutes of the Special National Executive Meeting in Box Hill North (Melbourne) on 16 January, 2015 between Allen Wilson and Peter Consandine.

Noted, with regret:   Kirrilie Oates’s resignation from The RPAs National Executive to pursue a further degree at university. However, The Party retains Kirrilie as its Auditor and as a Book Member, fortunately.

Approved with gusto:  Peter Consandine’s 2015 business card.

Noted:  That an underling of the monarch has replied to The RPAs letter of December, 2014 advising The Party that Her Majesty has no intention whatsoever of abdicating the throne.

Adopted:  That the quote of $16 per t-shirt [5 sizes: small + medium + large + extra large + extra extra large] be accepted from new National Executive Member in Melbourne, Ian Goss, who will provide ALL-Australian product with, essentially, the same message as is placed on the attention-getting signs for the respective States in which The ‘OZ REPUBLIC-BY-DEFAULT Campaign’ is being waged so far viz: Tasmania + Victoria + Western Australia.

Adopted (after protracted discussion), New Boutique Policies:

(a) Uniformity of Justices of the Peace, Commonwealth-wide;

(b) Pensions Loan Scheme along the lines of what Peter Martin espouses combined with an Older Workers’ Scheme along the lines of what Susan Ryan advocates;

(c) [resurrected) Economic Planning and Advisory Council.

Resolution:  That Peter Consandine be delegated on The Party’s behalf to attend the Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) National AGM and Symposium [the Theme being timely enough – ‘Population and Ageing: Disaster or Triumph?’] in Adelaide on 7 March.

Agreed:  That Peter Consandine (now) needs to prepare the guidelines for the interstate harnessing/garnering of petition signatures and the selling of raffle tickets on The Party’s behalf.

Agreed:  That the 2015 Annual Survey of RPA Members document be amended to cater for utilisation by active Party Members – Peter Consandine and Allen Wilson to co-operate and co-relate on this.

Agreed:  That the ‘OZ REPUBLIC-BY-DEFAULT Campaign’ should go on-line in June – once the bedding foundations are in place in the key first three States of Tasmania + Victoria + Western Australia.

Notation: The Industrial and Medicinal Hemp Association (IHA) have logged a link on their website to The RPA website – and more directly to The Party’s resolutely progressive policy on industrial and medicinal hemp.

Special Notation: That The RPAs decoupled and entirely separate website named: ‘REPUBLICAN FLAGS & BANNERS’ went on-line on the afternoon of today, the 25th instant. Credit and Big Time Thanks must go to Miles Harris (‘Miles the Magnificent’) for the brilliant, creative work he has done on this project – over rather a  lengthy period. The new website can be located at http://republicanflagsandbanners.com.au

Standby Resolution:  That, should the Republican Annual Convention #29 set down for Tamworth (New England) in late May have to be conducted virtually due to unknown circumstances at this juncture, the Membership Categories & Options listing be added to with provision for ‘Complementary’ Membership in lieu of attempting to resuscitate ‘Family’ Membership.

Quotable Quotes:

Gough Whitlam, in his admonition of the Victorian Labor Party Left faction in 1967: “Certainly, the impotent are pure”;

Bob Menzies, in his ‘Democracy and Management’ speech of 1954: “In seeking perfection, we can if we are not careful, waste much time and energy”.


Agreed before Close-Down at a reasonably early 10pm: That the night of Wednesday, 24th June, 2015 be the date of the next EGM (#13). And, that the venue be the same as usual at Epping, 2121. Furthermore, that the successfully-trialled 7.30pm starting time for RPA Meetings, be continued.


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