NOTICE to South Australian Republicans

NOTICE to South Australian Republicans

On Tuesday night, 10th March, 2015 there will be a Get-Together of South Australian Republicans organised by The RPA*
Venue: Restaurant of the Adelaide Maylands Hotel
situate: 67 Phillis Street, Maylands SA 5069; Time: from 7.30pm 


Come whether you are RPA or not;

Come whether you are ARM or not;

Come whether you are an ‘Elizabethan Republican’ or not.

Come and hear National Executive Director of The RPA (Republican Party of Australia), the Writer, Peter Consandine, give a ‘Tell ALL’

Questions to be Dealt With:

  1. Have you heard that the ARM’s paid Executive Officer, David Morris, has recently resigned leaving that post open/unfilled? Also, that the personnel at the Head Office of ARM in Watson, Canberra, have both resigned their staffing positions, as well?
  2.  Are you aware of the ‘Oz-Republic-by-Default’ Campaign and what its achievements are to date in the States of Tasmania and Victoria?
  3.  Would you be pleased to learn that South Australia has been elevated to 4th Priority status as regards the grass roots campaign in this State for a conversion from State Monarchy to State Republic?
  4. Do you know what the monarch’s definitive position on ‘abdication’ amounts to?
  5. Are you AT ALL happy with the State of Play in the Republican Stakes?
  6. Do you wish to voice an open opinion on what the implications for Peoples’ Sovereignty of The Australian Republic might be if Malcolm Turnbull is re-instated by his Canberra colleagues as the Leader of the Federal Parliamentary Liberal Party and thus Prime Minister?

I’ll be chairing the Get-Together and any interim queries you might have may be directed to me via my Mobile Phone: 0408 408 148.


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