Minutes of a Special Victorian National Executive Meeting of RPA

Minutes of a Special Victorian National Executive Meeting of RPA on 16 January, 2015 at Box Hill North between Peter Consandine and Allen Wilson

No need for The RPA to fear the ARM…*bearing in mind what the ARM is and who the ARM is comprised of.

The need for The RPA Campaign Bulletins to be, perhaps, less stylish &/or less proprietorial.


The need for the Privacy Act to be borne in mind as regards the access to the Australia-wide RPA Membership base.

The Liberal/Labor trade-off and the meaning of the Advocacy for Multi-Party Democracy as regards where The RPA (a Centre Right party) directs its preferences apropos the majoritarian parties in Federal Senate elections.

What needs to be taken into account with the preparation of The RPAs 2015 Intra-Party survey of its Australia-wide Membership base- with 2016 in prospect.

Gippsland advertising and where the revenue is going to come from.

Dates and sites for Bairnsdale (Hub of Gippsland) RPA street meetings and the like.

Allen Wilson to be immediately seconded onto The RPA National Executive.

Allen Wilson totally understands the reasons why (The RPA established protocol) if and when he is ever an endorsed candidate on an authorised ticket for The Party for the Australian Senate – at either Select Position #1 or Select Position #2 – that he will contribute one-fifth of the two-fold ticket nomination fee to the AEC [currently $4000] thus $800 on the 80:20 governing principle of The Party.

Allen Wilson agrees that The Party can and will ONLY endorse candidates for the Federal Senate until further notice or a special EGM of The Party determines otherwise.

OK for Allen Wilson to reproduce a ‘THE REPUBLIC of VICTORIA – How About It?’ sign for his Gippsland (and other Eastern Victorian places) purposes.

OK for Allen Wilson – if it assists him, entity-wise – to describe himself as ‘The President of the Gippsland Republic’

(otherwise) The Delegates to the 12th EGM of The Republicans shall determine and ratify Allen Wilson’s official statuses


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