Invitation to the Inaugural Meeting of The Committee for a WA REPUBLIC

Invitation to the Inaugural Meeting of The Committee for a WA REPUBLIC

To: Friends, Supporters, Contacts, Petitioners and Fellow Party Members alike…
19 February, 2015

Nearing the end of a Dinner held to award the long-time proprietor of the Republic Bar & Cafe in North Hobart, Tony Heath, with a gong for ‘REPUBLICAN of the YEAR’ on 19 August, 2013 there came a cry from a spirited male member of the audience, Chris Lane, for the establishment of a Tasmanian REPUBLIC – a go it alone bid for the State of Tasmania to be reconstituted as a Republic – and presumably whilst remaining part of the Commonwealth of Australia as a sovereign State.


I, there and then, signed on to the idea and agreed to assist in the instigation work.

Well, it took some necessary pre-organisational work, but fourteen (14!) months later and I was part of the launching of the Committee for a Tasmanian Republic in October, 2014. I also did some on-the-ground test driving of the concept in various parts of the State of Tasmania (see The Republicans’ website at for my report on the Tasmanian experience to date).

I went on to organise and be part of the founding of a Committee for a Victorian Republic in the January month just past – with increased interest and quite amazing response (see, again, The Republicans’ website for my report on the accumulated response to the on-the-ground effort in Victoria).

Now, it’s Western Australia’s turn. It is to be hoped that you – the addressee – might be interested in being involved in what amounts to an Oz Republic by Default Campaign.

Anyway, the Launch place, date and time details for the Western Australian Republic Campaign are:

7.30pm on Tuesday, 17 March, 2015 in the ‘S’ Room at the Osborne Park Hotel, situate: 216 Main Street, Osborne Park, WA 6017

The agenda for the night, I suggest, should remain ‘free-form’ and West Aussies assembled shall determine the appropriate strategies, methods & means to get what is desired. I will happily take a co-operational role in the scheme of things – if I am seconded to do so. Republicanism is my GO, after ALL is said and done.

Included herewith is a copy of the 3rd State of the REPUBLICAN Nation Report. It’s very current.

See you There! Republican Regards in the meantime,

National Executive Director, REPUBLICAN PARTY of AUSTRALIA

*Peter’s mobile phone number – for ALL enquiries – is 0408 408 148

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