Open Letter to Her Majesty

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth 2nd
Buckingham Palace,
LONDON, United Kingdom                                                                                                                              

17 December, 2014

Your Royal Highness,

I write, not impertinently, but with due consideration to your wellbeing and legacy.

Herein, I will give you some of the reasons why you should – in the fairly near-future – consider early retirement.

Of course, because you are a sovereign monarch, the R-word has to be deemed ‘abdication’.

You would be absolutely aware that three of the Continental European monarchs have abdicated in the recent years of 2013 and 2014 – those of the queen of Belgium and the kings of Spain and The Netherlands. You would probably be expected to take the view that abdication for those monarchs was a ‘matter for them’. But the fact is that ALL three of them – swore an oath to, actually, remain in the job until death – as you did at the time of your coronation in 1953, Ma’am.

A lot has changed in the 61 odd years since then. For instance: there is no longer a British Empire. Yes, something more pragmatic took its place namely the Commonwealth of Nations of which you are the titular head. And whereas, you are the constitutional monarch of no less than sixteen countries – including my country of Australia – it is difficult to imagine that this arrangement will last into the ‘never-never’.

Irrespective, you have been my Head-of-State for most of my life. Indeed, I only have the memory of your goodself as my monarch. I compliment you on your impeccable reign. But, as a Republican, I view your continuing term as one of imprisonment. Thinking Australian Republicans take a rather sympathetic approach to both how well you do your job and to just how long you have been doing it for. You are approaching 90 years of age, Ma’am. Your mother lived to be nearly 102 but her last twelve or more years of life were engaging ones, involving of far, far less constant and laborious duty.

And besides, your loyal son, Prince Charles, deserves some time in the top job. *By the way, Charles was awarded The Republican Party’s ‘Republican of the Year’ gong for the year 1994 – in case you were not apprised of that happening.

I honestly believe that you should give consideration to vacating the throne once you have surpassed your great, great grandmother, Queen Victoria’s, record term of 63+ years.

I would be confident in predicting that not one of my fellow-Australians would begrudge an early signing-off. I earnestly believe, Your Royal Highness, that you and your devoted husband, Prince Philip, well-deserve some time almost-entirely together in your twilight years. Early retirement is a fair and reasonable option for you to be considering in the next little while. I wish you well and I particularly extend warm yuletide greetings at this juncture.

I am both Yours Sincerely and Yours Patriotically,

Peter Warren Consandine

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