Open Letter to ARM Top Brass #2

Memo of 18 December, 2014

To: ARM Top Brass…Messrs Geoff Gallop & David Morris

Greetings again, Gentlemen and Yuletide Compliments.

You’ll recall I sent you both the attached letter back in September. I did not so much as get an acknowledgement of said letter let alone ANY indication from either of you as to the efficacy of the ARM and The RPA meeting for a pow-wow.


The additionally attached ‘copy’ refers.

The Oz Republic-by-Default Campaign has begun…Tasmania proved to be the appropriate State (of the 6) to commence the whole shebang [in Tasmania: the State Republic of Tasmania Campaign]. And though a ‘hard get’, 43 committed Tasmanians to the program in the Island State was encouraging enough.

Whether or not you have heard from another quarter, plans are well-advanced for the launches of, respectively, the Republican States of Victoria and Western Australia Campaigns on 14 January and 12 March, 2015.

It, admittedly, would be a very difficult overALL exercise for The RPA to manage/conduct an Australia-wide

Oz-Republic-by-Default Campaign and so I earnestly invite the ARM to at least countenance a Joint Campaign. My proposition is that the ARM manage/conduct the relevant campaigns in New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. Thus, 3 States each.

I’m certain that the Oz-Republic-by-Default Campaign has both ATTRACTION and TRACTION!

I’ll leave the proverbial ball in your court, guys.

Vive La Republic!

Your Sincere Counterpart, PETER CONSANDINE, National Executive Director, RPA


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