Open Letter to ARM Top Brass #1

CONFIDENTIAL Memo of 8 September, 2014

To: ARM Top Brass…Messrs Geoff Gallop & David Morris

Greetings Gentlemen,

It has been close on a year since I was in touch with the former of you and almost two years since I was in touch with the latter of you.


I raised the matter of a possible joint campaign of the ARM and The RPA with you, Geoff, and you gracefully agreed that I should – when I was ready and able to – put a proposition to the ARM.

I now do this. My proposition is that the two major organised Republican groups should combine their resources to begin campaigning for the Australian Republic by default i.e. by championing State Republics – on the premise that ALL six States have links with the Crown by virtue of the six State Governors and where those Governors are representatives of the Monarch and appointed, officially, by her: Queen Elizabeth 2nd.

The idea I am putting emanated out of the speech and acknowledgement section of The RPAs Republican of the Year Dinner in North Hobart – for Tony Heath by the way – in August, 2013. The RPA has ‘test-driven’ the idea in an electoral climate (the WA Half-Senate Re-Election of 2014) and it has resonated to at least an extent [see copy of West Australian newspaper article of 26 March this year – which is attached], so far.

Now, either of you may have sighted the other document attached herewith, namely The RPAs 2nd State of the REPUBLICAN Nation Report which, over the past month, has been widely circulated and/or broadcast. I telegraphed in this report the intention to liaise with my counterparts in the ARM: Your Good Selves.

The ARM and The RPA have worked constructively on campaigns well before this time…

There was, in Michael Ward’s time, the Caroline Chisholm overstickers project when the $5 note became the base currency in 1992;

There was the approach letter to the Monarch initiated by Ted O’Brien at the 4th Republican Gatherers’ Conference in Brisbane in 2008;

There was the ‘YES’ campaign of Greg Barns’s and Malcolm Turnbull’s time in Referendum year 1999 in which The RPA played a junior/complementary role to the ARM;

And currently, virtually in concert with the Canberra-based Wattle Association (the President of which is ARMs Terry Fewtrell), The RPA is waging yet another grass roots effort – this time for a Wattle Day National Public Holiday.

I’m fully cognisant that the ARM has its priority with the ‘WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE?’ campaign. But, I put it to you, Geoff & David…can we have a summit meeting of sorts and perhaps discuss what the ARM and The RPA might get together on? Time, I think you might both agree, is of the essence!

If I do not hear back from either of you prior to my mid-October revisiting of Tasmania where I aim to kick-off the first stage of the Republic of Tasmania push, then The RPA will, reluctantly, ‘go it alone’.

With Warm Republican Regards, I am,

Yours Patriotically,

Peter Consandine
National Executive Director

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