Minutes of the 10th EGM of The REPUBLICAN PARTY of AUSTRALIA

Minutes of the 10th EGM of The REPUBLICAN PARTY of AUSTRALIA (RPA)

held at Epping, NSW 2121 on 24 September, 2014

Noted: The Meeting commenced late at 8.20pm.

The National Executive Director, Peter Consandine, gave an overview of happenings since the staging of the 9th EGM and, amongst other things, spelt out the (advanced) state of preparations for the kick-off of the ‘Republic of Tasmania’ campaign. Peter also reported on the success of the 9th Wattle Day luncheon held on the 1st instant and how stirring Guest Speaker Kris Spike’s talk was.


Resolutions: (a) That The Party invest in a new sign ‘THE REPUBLIC of TASMANIA – How About It?’; (b) Spike’s talk entitled ‘A SUSTAINABLE POPULATION for the REPUBLIC of AUSTRALIA’ be posted on The Party’s website and (c) that The Wattle Day Events organisation get cracking with promotion of next year’s Wattle Day event [the 10th]where the confirmed Guest Speaker is Hugh Mackay, prominent Australian social researcher.

Decision: A grading of ‘current’ and ‘futuristic’ versions of the National Wattle Day Public Holiday petition. ALL going well since the re-introduction of the present National Wattle Day Public Holiday petition. Peter Consandine reported that it is a most popular petition and that, when wearing a Wattle Day, 1st September badge, it is easier to get shopping centre day-permits. Amazing!

Noted, for the record: That the annual Wattle Day Newsletter (#9 this year) was mailed out to 1274 recipients – 272 more than last year – which might indicate the growing support for the enterprise.

Noted, fulsomely: That the 2016 confirmed Wattle Day Luncheon (#11)Guest Speaker shall be former Tasmanian Greens Senator, Bob Brown. In anticipation of this prospective medium-haul event it was resolved to buy a copy of Brown’s new/first book ‘OPTIMISM’.

Noted:  Peter Consandine admitted that he was not UP for going ahead with a sequel to Campaign Bulletin #44 [‘A PIECE of WORK’] simply because even the mention of the name Clive Palmer makes him sick; furthermore, because there would appear to be no end to The Blowhard’s shenanigans. One Campaign Bulletin on the disgusting Coolum Resort owner was enough! It was thought best to revert to the previous decision and to focus on Bill Shorten (Shorty Bill his nickname, it’s said ) and revive the working heading to ‘ALL PISS & WIND’ and proceed from there as Campaign Bulletin #45.

Noted and Resolved: Absolutely no response to the National Executive Director’s 8th September memorandum from his joint counterparts in the ARM namely Geoff Gallop and David Morris so The Party to soldier ON with its ‘REPUBLIC by DEFAULT’ campaign, single-handedly.

Noted: Paul Sheehan, writing in today’s edition of the SMH, said of Juliar Gillard’s pre-book launch of the anodyne ‘MY STORY’ national television interview with Ray Martin on the 9 Network last Tuesday evening – in prime time – “The interview was billed ‘THE WHOLE TRUTH’ but this is clearly the Gillard truth”. Without bias, Martin was ‘velvet-gloved’ in his approach. It was a forgettable, pissant television. As Sheehan indicated…The Beguiler was robotic and disingenuous throughout.

Noted: That, regardless of the project being an enormous one, The Party should continue to piece together an Australian Charter of Rights, Freedoms, Choices, Values & Responsibilities. In this respect, former Republican of the Year, Geoffrey Robertson’s ‘STATUTE of LBERTY’, has been circulated to the Policy Advisors and Consultative Committees of The Republican Umbrella Group.

Quotable Quotes:

#1 “If you can’t be a pioneer, what’s wrong with leading a crusade?” from Josephine Tey’s book ‘THE DAUGHTER of TIME’;

#2 “If things are going to stay the same, then things are going to have to change” from Giuseppe Di Lampedusa’s novel ‘THE LEOPARD’;

#3 “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake” – Napoleon Bonaparte;

#4 “The sad truth for Australian policy is that the tail wags the dog” from Jonathan Green in his book ‘THE YEAR MY POLITICS BROKE’.

Definition: Ignoranus = a person who is both stupid and an arsehole – from the Washington Post’s 2012 List of favourite neologisms (new words) – it ranked 16th for that year, apparently! Freelance journalist Michael Smith, ascribes this definition to the Labor comrades-in-arms namely Bill Shorten and Stephen Conroy.

Resolved: That a new batch of Peter Consandine business cards be ordered when existing stocks run right out. Some changes were suggested for a new outline on the cards themselves.

Resolved: That Peter Consandine join the Rationalist Association of NSW as a Concession Member – his having been invited to do so by the Association’s NSW Secretary, Stephen Maxwell.

Resolved: That the WDE enterprise buy more Wattle Day, 1st September badges from the Wattle Association in Canberra – and keep buying them when the existing stocks run out. The badges are money-spinners!

Noted: Public and Product Liability Insurance policy in the sum of $20 million x $20 million renewed for the period 18/9/2014 – 18/9/2015.

Noted: That a 5-year lease has been taken out on a new Ricoh copier (Model MPC 2003).

Noted: That the legalising/decriminalising of medicinal cannabis issue is ‘hotting UP’.

Noted: That the abolition of State Governments issue is also ‘hotting UP’.

Noted: That the same-sex marriage issue is also ‘hotting UP’.

Noted: That the recognition of indigenous Australians in the Commonwealth Constitution issue is also ‘hotting UP’.

Report: Peter Consandine interviewed by Sydney University Government and International Relations  Honours student, Antony Paul, on his birthday, 3 September at the Fisher Library on campus. Paul’s subject being ‘MICRO PARTIES at the 2013 AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL ELECTION’. Paul was very incisive and his interview lent itself to at least the thought by Consandine that he was going about his business as if he were a trainee journalist.

Agreed: That at the next EGM (#11)a trial of a telephone conference should be conducted…WiFi + Skype + a laptop be employed with Clinton Portors and Marcus Anderson to liaise on the setting UP.

Discussion Topics

#1 (inter-related): jihadism, multiculturism, political religionising and dual nationality;

#2: the undermining of Australia’s secular national anthem and the knock-on effects for a secular, constitutional Australian Republic

Resolutions emanating from the Discussions: (a) That a forthcoming Campaign Bulletin deal with the (now) clear failure of the policy of Australian multiculturism; (b) That a policy be developed on the more pressing need (now) to veer away from optional preferential allowance of up to three passports per each Australian citizen; that dual-nationality or tri-nationality provisions must end or be phased out – in the national interest and (c) That Max Wallace be consulted further on the national anthem’s undermining matter.

Noted and Resolved: That The Party’s approach to Katy Gallagher to be awarded the gong for ‘REPUBLICAN of the YEAR 2014’ was shunned and that, therefore, former Clerk of the Australian Senate, Harry Evans, be appointed in her place – Evans being a well-known, staunch Republican and, since George Winterton’s passing, The Party’s honorary constitutional law consultant and advisor.

Appointments:  Peter Crawford and Kris Spike onto the Consultative Committee of The Republican Umbrella Group.

The Meeting ended at 10.35pm.


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