Report on the Launching of the Campaign for a Tasmanian State Republic

Report on the Launching of the Campaign for a Tasmanian State Republic
by Peter Consandine

October, 2014 was the month when the Australian Republic-by-Default Campaign began in earnest with a ‘Test Run’ in the chosen Island State of Tasmania.


Preceded by organised street meetings in Burnie, Devonport, Launceston and CBD Hobart, the inaugural Committee Meeting was held in the Board of Directors Room of the famous Republic Bar & Cafe at North Hobart on 17 October from 7.40pm.

Subsequent one-on-one meetings were held in various other parts of both suburban and rural Tasmania until near month’s end at Huonville, Kingston, Mt Nelson, Battery Point, Glenorchy, Richmond, Maria Island, Longford and Deloraine.

43 Tasmanians comprise the Foundation Committee of 38 males and 5 females which is, to the Writer’s mind, very encouraging!

The inaugural Committee Meeting signed off – APPROVINGLY – on the following resolutions:

  • Petition A: A Republic for the State of Tasmania and
  • Petition B: Popular Election of the Tasmanian State Governor – a complementary petition to Petition A
  • The colourful sign: ‘The REPUBLIC of Tasmania – How About It?’
  • Next Get-Togethers [plural] to be in 12 months’ time – in October, 2015 – at both Launceston and Hobart.
  • The need to do soundings in the meantime to gain important imprimatur and entity per Sponsorship.

Peter Consandine appointed to extend his involvement in the Tassie Republican Campaign so far and carry on for the next/subsequent 12 months as ‘The Co-Ordinating Secretary’.


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