Wattle Day Newsletter #9

KEEP ON, KEEPING ON!  Peter Consandine’s Wattle Day Newsletter #9 – August, 2014

To Friends, Colleagues, Supporters, Rellies & Customers (as addressed):


Yes, the heading I have chosen to go with this year is a paint manufacturer’s slogan – an Oldie but a Goodie! With the big revelation this time last year of deciding to take on the Job for Life which is my Vocationist calling, you would expect me to be reporting to you on how it ALL is going. By the way, my very dear old, long-time friend and advisor, Gough Whitlam (now 98), made it known to me that he liked my coined word ‘vocationist’. So, the ‘stamp of approval’ from that quarter!

Well, the first thing to disclose is that I had to conduct NOT one Federal Election campaign but two. There was, of course, the General Election of 7 September 2013 and, as a result of some Australian Electoral Commission ballot misplacements in Western Australia, a Half-Senate Re-Election in WA on 5 April and thus two super-human efforts which took me away from Home Base [The National Hub of Republican Operations in Castle Hill, Sydney] for fully two of the months in the convoluted year (1/9/2013 – 31/8/2014). Tasmania and Western Australia saw a lot of me. In Sum: for the first time in

The Republican Party’s history – The Party stood Groups of 2 candidates in 5 States with ONLY South Australia missing out.

The one big upshot for The Republican Cause was the coverage The Party got for an idea emanating out of Tassie – that, starting in the Island State, there would be a petition-orientated push for the Tasmanian State Republic plus the Victorian State Republic and – also in the first round – the Western Australian State Republic. There is more on this lodestar program in The Party’s ‘State of the REPUBLICAN Nation Report #2’ on The Party’s website OR in hard copy form herewith.

Since return to Home Base, I have been instrumental in building up The Party’s separate and unique policy manifesto – beyond the 10-point platform devised for the abovementioned elections. Writing policy involves lotsa researching. However, it’s most stimulating, I find. One believes that dementia is being ‘kept in check’ and that one’s writing abilities keep being tested, extended even, for the better with the creativity which attaches to each and every formulation.

ALL of the following are part & parcel of the administrative regime: selling of fund-raising raffle tickets; selling of ‘Republican’ branded product; conducting of street meetings; staging of both the annual Party Convention and Wattle Day Luncheon plus the annual Republican of the Year Dinner; website updating; records-keeping; position paper writing; National Executive committee gatherings which amount to, pretty much, bi-monthly Extraordinary General Meetings etc.

But in case ANY reader thinks it might be for me ALL hard slog/drudgery, ALL year around, I had better set the record straight: I get to do ALL the selections of the wines The Party’s wine club adds to its seasonal ranges – most pleasurable activity; I attend a fair few orchestral concerts with my bride, Jennifer – mainly ACO and SSO presentations; I read a great number of books (one of my true personal passions) – ALL the more delightful in the ‘bookery nook’ Jen and I set up with the complete refurbishment of the living-area interior of our home in recent times; furthermore, I assist Jen in the maintaining of our ‘gardenised’ property which ensures I get, these days, sufficient natural Vitamin ‘D’ sun doses.

Sadly, I acknowledge the passing of just too many of my associates over the past 12 months – 23 of them ALL found.

Vale to Doug Phillips, Les Carr, Tony Reeves, Gary Shearston, Myfanwy Horne, Keith Mortensen, John Cohen, Eileen Bennett, Dorothy Young, Kay Young (no relation), Norman Trinick, Michael Dare, Morrie Mavin,  Jim Keays, Graeme Whiteside, Bev Brien, Leslie Zines, Hugh Bygott, Lorraine Elliott, Len Liddelow, Murray Calvert, Peter Chote and James Condon.

I was a Cleveland Street Boys’ High School Intermediate student. At ‘Clevo’ – situated in Inner South Sydney Surry Hills – the motto was (still is, as far as I know): NO DAY WITHOUT PROGRESS! It is a motto that has been a mainstay of my approach to life and business career. And therefore, my political career to date. When one thinks about it, the motto truly complements the theme of my this-year, 2014, Annual Wattle Day Newsletter. Gotta GO! Gotta keep ON, keeping ON!!

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