Report of the Conduct of the April 2014 WA Half-Senate Re-election

Report into the Conduct of the 5 April, 2014 WA Half-Senate Re-Election Campaign by The RPA


The Party endorsed two Regional Republicans – guys who were residents of Greater Perth:


Marcus Anderson and Rohan Hollick of, respectively, Spearwood (South of the Swan River) and Gwelup (North of the Swan River). Both co-operated famously – especially top-of-the-ticket Marcus – with The National Executive Director, Peter Consandine, who decamped to the WA capital for the entire campaign and acted, fittingly, as The Campaign Director.


Doubtless, The Party’s stocks were bolstered in the ‘Deep West’ by virtue of the conducting of no less than ten community street meetings – three of these being in suburbs where street meetings have not been conducted by The Party before viz: Armadale, Midland and North Perth. The RPA was more visible than any of the other minority parties. Indeed, only the Sex Party and Voluntary Euthanasia Party (both just the once apiece) were seen ‘campaigning’ (handing out flyers) to passers-by in the Murray Street Mall in CBD Perth and the Fremantle Markets, respectively. Of course, the major parties got saturation coverage on the broadcast and in the print media.


The Party was able to achieve a successful ‘Test Drive’ of its idea to bring about the Australian Republic by default – that is, State by State, Australians wherever they reside establish State Republics whilst remaining part of the indissoluble Commonwealth.

The West Australian newspaper gave us a prominent ‘MAKE WA a REPUBLIC’ page 7 article which prompted some enquiries, generated new memberships and assisted in the setting-up of the nucleus of a Committee for the WA State Republic.

Furthermore, simply this one newspaper article – although ephemeral – assisted

The Republicans’ Umbrella Group to re-institute the separate but integral Campaign for Australian Constitutional Change [CACC] for business people who are more comfortable with supporting The RPA as Members of the Lobby Group.

The Party scored several more ‘mentions’ in The West Australian as a result of a co-ordinated, two-pronged Media Release initiative with Marcus liaising with The West in Perth whilst Peter liaised concomitantly with The West per their Parliamentary Media Bureau in Canberra.

Complementary to the aforementioned, The RPA got it’s Facebook program under way and struck up a quite amazing 310 ‘likes’ on it’s first outing day.* Marcus Anderson is managing The Party’s social media foray in an ongoing commitment.


When there are 33 of the total of 57 registered parties contesting what was, essentially, a Big State (the biggest!) By-Election – with ONLY 6 Senate Seats up for grabs – there is going to be desperation writ large. As it turned out there was just the one change from the 7 September, 2013 Federal Election result: The Sports Party lost it’s gain to the PUPs. Thus, the Liberals retained 3 Seats, Labor retained it’s 1 Seat as did The Greens. *The PUPs result will be dissected in a separate flyer (Republican Campaign Bulletin #45). Many of the minor parties re-involved themselves with the Micro Partys Alliance [MPA] organised and controlled by the notorious ‘Preference Whisperer’, Glenn Druery, and, true to form, they were again prepared to forsake their principles, if not their major policies, merely to be ‘led astray’ by Druery on dubious promises/assurances of electoral achievement. The RPA steadfastly maintained it’s honour and multi-party credentials by having no truck whatsoever with MPA and select-preferenced according to previously announced ordering(s). The obvious realisation is that ALL registered political parties are – and have to be – self vested interested and, as a corollary of that, The RPA must valiantly pursue a political agenda and program which will eventually resonate with Australian electors…firstly – to the tune of 4% of the primary vote in a Federal election for a Senate Seat – and/or secondly a quota – arrived at as a result of a respectable two-party, select-preferred deal, as the case may be.

Any clarifications may be obtained by contacting The Writer: PETER CONSANDINE on (0408) 408 148.



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