Minutes of the 8th EGM of The Republicans

Minutes of the 8th EGM of The REPUBLICAN PARTY of AUSTRALIA (RPA)
held at Epping, NSW 2121 on 23 April, 2014

Noted: The Meeting commenced at 8.05pm with 3 new Attendees.


Presentation by Andrew Katelaris on the issue of Industrial Hemp – it’s prospectivity, efficacy etc – following which there was a 20 minute Q & A session and (then) the adoption of the 5 dot-point DRAFT as circulated beforehand as Policy Item #12 for the 2015/2016 Federal Election.

The National Executive Director, Peter Consandine, gave an overview of happenings in the ‘Deep West’ ALL related to The RPA’s involvement in the recently-staged Half-Senate Re-Election and gave broad and general answers to questions raised whilst assuring ALL in attendance that a FULL Report will be written up and disseminated in very due course.

Resolution: The Party will, for the first time, do a sequel to it’s most previous Campaign Bulletin…

in other words, Campaign Bulletin #44 [‘A PIECE of WORK!’] will be followed up with a sequel  viz: Campaign Bulletin #45 [‘BUYING SEATS & BARGAINING POWER!’].

Noted: Arrangements ALL in place for the 17-18 May Annual National Convention #28 combined with the AGM at Torquay, Victoria 3228.

Noted: Arrangements ALL in place for the 20 May ‘REPUBLICAN of the YEAR’ Dinner in Melbourne.

Noted: That the recent discussions with the Country Alliance in Melbourne and potential for a favourable two-way interim select-preferencing  agreement for the 2015/2016 Federal Election.

Noted: That the Mutual Party – the successor party to the Bank Reform Party – has split again leading to another potentially favourable two-way interim select-preferred agreement for the 2015/2016 Federal Election with the remnants of the Mutual Party – who may take up The RPAs strong suggestion that they consider naming their loose and disaffected group ‘Housing Affordability Party’ which has “motherhood” written ALL over it…a ‘work in progress’, to be sure.

Agreed: That The RPA approach Stuart Littlemore to become a Sponsor Member.

Discussion: The Australian trade unions’ sabotaging of the Australian World War 2 effort as outlined,

chapter & verse, in Hal Colebatch’s recently published book: ‘AUSTRALIA’s SECRET WAR’.

Declaration: Glenn Druery is PERSONA NON GRATA from this time forward primarily for being an agent for the PUP and for being seen to be anti-Multi Party Democracy.

Appreciation: The RPA has undoubtedly ‘gained political cred’ for (a) the  stand it took in the proposed Local Government Recognition in the Australian Constitution referendum; (b) the Rule of Law policy it adopted at EGM #7 last January; (c) Harold Scruby’s paper delivered at the 8th Wattle Day Luncheon last September and (d) the 10-point platform it took to both the 7th September 2013 and 5 April 2014 Federal election and re-election, respectively. Especially on the Western Seaboard.

Noted: The Party has run out of stock of the Large-size current tee-shirts.


Ian Goss as Convenor of the Victorian chapter;
Mattias Korsely as Deputy Convenor of the South Australian chapter;
Rees Pearse as Convenor of the Queensland chapter;
Sam Pemberton as Deputy Convenor of the Queensland chapter;
Jason Waltham as Convenor of the Australian Capital chapter;

* Marcus Anderson as Deputy Convenor of the Western Australian chapter;
* Mattio Vinci co-opted on to the Committee of the Western Australian chapter;
* James Best co-opted on to the Committee of the Western Australian chapter;
* Stephen Mills co-opted on to the Committee of the Western Australian chapter.
* Marcus, Mattio, James and Stephen form – with present WA Convenor, Rohan Hollick

* the nucleus of the newly-formed Committee for the Western Australian Republic.

Confirmation: Wattle Day Luncheon 2014 Guest Speaker: Johannes Nielsen, Founder of BalMedia, whose topic will be: ‘UNRECOGNISED ABILITIES’.

Noted: Improvements in relations with Prosper Australia via a recent meeting in Melbourne where an agreement was forged, mutually, to critique each organisation’s latest position papers. The idea of the resuscitation of the former name (Tax Reform Australia) was mooted, also.

Noted: Our monarch seems to be doubling her efforts in her twilight years to leave the monarchy in fairly good repair for NOT a “celebrity” takeover by the Prince & Princess of Cambridge but the “formal hereditary” takeover by the Prince of Wales.

Re the newly-devised Republic-by-Default Campaign, it was decided by consensus and after a protracted discussion,  that the order of other State priority – following the establishment of the WA Committee for elected State Governors as pro-part of a WA Republic – shall be:

1. Victoria (the State that still stacks UP strongest for The Oz Republic)

2. Tasmania

3. Queensland

4. New South Wales

5. South Australia.

Particularly Noted: There will be no “Playing Favourites”. And to ensure that ALL six [6!] States get a “look IN”, ALL six [6!] States will get a visit and some on-the-ground involvement of The National Executive Director of The RPA, Peter Consandine, each and every year from this very year of 2014!

Resolution: With the imminent but known-already final results of the 2013/2014 Federal elections, The National Executive Director ceases henceforth writing UP reports of street meetings conducted.

For the record it was noted that (a) Peter Consandine conducted no less than ten (10!) street meetings in his time on the ground in Greater Perth recently whereat and whereby The Party’s stocks were boosted and the membership and supporter base were bolstered; (b) Peter has conducted, over the years 1992-2014, no less than 38 WA Republican street meetings.

The Meeting ended at 10.20pm.

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