Minutes of the 28th Republican Convention (Round Table Conference)

Minutes of the 28th Republican Convention (Round Table Conference)…Torquay, Victoria 3228

Saturday, 17 May 2014



The Convention got under way at approximately 10.15am with, at the commencement of proceedings, The National Executive Director, Peter Consandine, giving an overview of where things were at in the Republican scheme of things, pro tem. Included, was the latest information on the big time corrections having to be made to The Party’s operational computer system as a result of ongoing functional problems over the past 10 months. With the delegates’ concurrence, the Round Table, per se, as was the case at Victor Harbour SA last May, a combination of The Party’s Annual General Meeting and Annual National Convention – open to the interested local citizens of Torquay and surrounds.

The Business:

Following a full run-down on where other minor registered parties placed The RPA at the recent WA Half-Senate Re-Election, The Party determined which parties would (a) remain in the same select-preferred place; (b) be elevated or, as the case may be (c) demoted in select-preference order for the next Federal election. It was decided that the revised select-preference order be kept confidential until such time as whatever electoral reforms which may be in prospect – as a result of the Joint Parliamentary Standing Committee on Electoral Matters [JPSCEM] Inquiry into both the recent Federal elections – are known…it generally being accepted that NOT 57 registered political parties will contest the next Federal election.

Resolved: That the complete lists of interstate street meetings (all those beyond New South Wales) conducted since inception on 12 October, 1991 be dispatched to ALL State and/or Territory Convenors.

Resolved: That at least a section of The Party’s submission to the JPSCEM (see Item #1 above) be with regard to making it easier (read: less difficult) for electors to cast votes for The Senate – especially below the line.

Resolved: That, given the Australian Public has been ‘conditioned’ to the pull of Royal Celebrity , The Republicans fight back and spell out – far and wide – what the monarchy is and isn’t and what the monarchy can’t be…this item of business being conducive to the next item…

That a fresh approach be undertaken to the cancelling out of the Queen’s Birthday Holiday (celebrated, annually but not uniformly amongst the States in the first half of each calendar year) in favour of an annual Wattle Day Holiday (to be celebrated each and every 1st September). In this respect, a slight change to the Wattle Day petition wording and outline was ratified for near-future implementation and usage.

Resolved: Changes to The Party Membership Categories & Options: (a) Voting Rights to now attach to Concession Membership; (b) New Category 4a to allow Businesspersons who are Premium Members to donate a further annual $100 to The Party’s coffers and have their business logo &/or slogan and contact details added to The Party’s website.

Resolved: That the two policy additions – determined at EGMs #7 and #8 of The Party – on, respectively (a) the Rule of Law and (b) Industrial Hemp now form part of The Party Policy Manifesto for the next Federal Election as Platform items #11 and #12.

Resolved: That the next three policy additions for the next Federal Election be (a) the need for a Federal/National ICAC; (b) the need to deem trade unions and religious institutions as businesses and, as such, (they) be taxed annually at the applicable rate of business taxation and

(c) the need for GST reform in that there be no increase in the rate (10%) but that there be a repealing of ALL exemptions and exceptions so that there is left in place a uniform, more efficient, broad-based, indirect taxation regime.

Resolved: That, The Party in pursuit of an improvement to it’s ecological taxation reform platform, have Peter Consandine, deliverer of the admittedly quirky Prosper Australia 2004 [114th] Commemorative Henry George Lecture viz ‘KICKING 7-POINT GOALS’, update the work and marry it with the ‘Wholistic Trinity’ existing section of The Party’s Policy Manifesto for the next Federal election. It was thought, generally, that a revisiting of the Ken Henry taxation reform proposals of a few years ago might bear fruit.

Resolved: That, in the light of the success of the Test Run/Test Drive on bringing about the Australian Republic by default – by establishing State Republics – in the WA Half-Senate Re-Election, the push be pursued but given priority to in Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania in that order. In this matter, it was also importantly resolved that the ARM be written to and invited to join with The RPA in a second *Republican Promotional campaign. *The first and only joint ARM/RPA Republican Promotional campaign being in 1992 with the Caroline Chisholm over-stickers when the $5 note became the base currency and the monarch replaced our Australian heroine. In this matter, it was furthermore resolved  that a viable plan and program be put in place – with or without ARM involvement – to get under way in October, 2014.

The Convention ended at 5.30pm – the 10-point agenda having been fully adhered to.


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