Minutes of the 7th EGM of The Republicans

Minutes of the 7th EGM of The Republicans at Epping  NSW 2121 on 29 January, 2014

The EGM commenced reasonably punctually at 8.10pm



1. Noted:  The High Court of Australia – acting as the Court of Disputed Returns – began considering submissions before it with regard to whether or not there is to be a half-Senate

 re-election in WA, just this morning. The Court is expected to sit for two full days.

2. Agreed:  The general layout of The Republicans’ Campaign Bulletin #44 under the heading of ‘A PIECE of WORK!’…Mass print-run and mass broadcast e-mail to now take place.

3. Noted:  The Party’s Facebook page is now up and running and that the compiler, Marcus Anderson, in Perth has done a commendable job.

4. Decision:  That Kerry McNally circularise The Party’s Facebook fan page to the National Executive of The Party as a whole.

5. Decision:  That, if needs be, The Party’s endorsed #2 Candidate for any WA half-Senate re-election – Marcus Anderson – be upscaled to #1.

6. Agreed:  That, with the reduced number of official engagements by the now 87 year-old reigning monarch (as announced by Buckingham Palace recently) that The Party commence a ‘ROYALS WATCH’  bulletin.

7. Noted:  That yet 3 other (though small) catalysts for the Australian Republic might be (a) New Zealanders considering a ew national flag – which removes altogether the union jack and has the Kiwis plumping for a new colour scheme of black, red  and white; (b) the Spanish monarch – King Juan Carlos 1st – being prevailed upon at present to abdicate and (c) the recent       revelation that the Monarchist League of Australia would welcome the abdication of Queen Elizabeth 2nd once she has chalked  up 65 years on the throne – ‘ruling’ for longer than the previous record-holder, Queen Victoria.

8. Noted: ARM Chairman Geoff Gallop’s two recent articles – the first being in the Sydney Morning Herald of 3 January: DESPITE ATTACKS, IDEA of a REPUBLIC LIVES ON – FOR GOOD REASONS’; the second being in the Australian Financial Review of 25-27 January: ‘LIBERAL DEMOCRACY is the SUM of US’.

9.Agreed (in the interim):  That The Republicans’ Campaign Bulletin #45 proceed with the working heading of: ‘ALL PISS & WIND!’…there’s plenty of copy already gathered for this one.

10. Policy Resolution: That the conclusion of Chief Justice, Robert French’s lecture on ‘THE RULE of LAW is a MANY-COLOURED DREAMCOAT'[as circularised]suffices for The Party’s Rule of Law policy. *Understood that this policy will be added to The Party’s website just as soon as possible.

11. Decision: That the budgeting for February 2014 allow for outlays to purchase (a) 2 new banners

at the approximate costs of $45 (for the small) and $127 (for the large) each and (b) a copy of Hal Colebatch’s new book: ‘AUSTRALIA’s SECRET WAR…HOW TRADE UNIONS SABOTAGED AUSTRALIAN MILITARY FORCES in WORLD WAR 2’.

12. Noted (with continuing dismay): That the official data base of RPA Party Members again cannot presently be accessed until yet another glitch in the hard drive of The Party’s computer is isolated and fixed – which will be a priority of The Party’s PC hardware mechanic, Kerry McNally, during the week commencing Monday, 3 February. The problem – associated with  corruption of the Outlook section – came about when The Party bit the proverbial bullet and upgraded the program software from Windows XP Professional to Windows Ultimate. The Party was authoritatively advised that there would be no technical support for the most user-friendly XP Professional software from April this year. *Understood that The Party has both two back-up disks and ALL of its Membership records are safely and securely in ‘hard’ copy (in black & white) on official AEC forms.

13. Noted (also with due concern): That The Party has ONLY one e-mail tx and rx e-mail address pro tem and that it is somewhat hamstrung until the appointed troubleshooters – Miles Harris,

Winston Hlaing and Vic Hocking – can sort it ALL out.

14. Realisation: That The Party might need to get away from PC-based IT structures and switch to Web-based ones; (that too) The Party might need to switch from Microsoft Outlook to G-Mail.

15. Decision: That, following a checking-out of the recommended Banjo Paterson Restaurant at Gladesville – NOT to The Party’s satisfaction – Wattle Day Luncheons be continued at the original preferred venue viz Lachlan’s Restaurant in the grounds of Old Government House, Parramatta Park.

16. Appointment:  Greg Blaxell co-opted on to The Party’s Policy Advisors’ Panel.

17. Noted (with gusto):  That both David C Jones’s paper on ‘THE HISTORY of AUSTRALIAN FLAGS’ and Harold Scruby’s powerpoint  presentation on ‘THE FLAG and the REPUBLIC’ now form part of the Sub-Gallery of The Party’s ever-developing website.

18. Approved:  The Party’s (a) pro forma Electoral Contract with other select-preferred minor/micro political parties and (b) the actual select-preferred order – as enunciated.

19. Noted:  That academic columnist, Ross Fitzgerald – to whom Peter Consandine wrote to have corrected a second article’s mistakes by him – has, rudely, not replied let alone acknowledged the correspondence. *In the second of these two mistake-ridden articles, Fitzgerald described Consandine as ‘avuncular’!

20. Resolution: That The National Executive continue to meet bi-monthly at the congenial Epping Club and that The Party does stage its next EGM (#8) here on Wednesday, 26 March, 2014.

The EGM ended at a respectable 10.20pm.

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