State of the Republican Nation Report #1

State of the REPUBLICAN Nation Report #1 of Mid-November, 2013


After a 3 months break folowing The Party’s 4-State effort running Senate races in the Eastern Seaboard States of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, The Party re-commenced conducting weekky Street Meetings in November, 2013.



Having kicked off on 11 November, 1993, this marketing wing of The Umbrella Republican Group has proved a steady revenue contributor to The Party’s coffers since inception. ALL is set to continue…The Marketing Director of The RWC is offering baker’s dozens for the imperial dozen price as a 2013/2014 Summer Season “Special” – a one-off to celebrate with  RWC customers.


Most likely there will be a re-election* for the Senate for Western Australia directed by the High Court sitting as the Court of Disputed Returns. If so, The RPA intends to stand a Group of 2 endorsed ‘AUSTRALIAN REPUBLICANS’ candidates to  contest the re-election*. Thus, The Party will have – for the very first time – contested 5 States in a General Election. The Report on the Federal Election at the bottom of this page obtains. *Any re-election attaches to the 7 September General Election in terms of final results of that national poll!


This year (2014), The Party will make forays in to the Southern States of Victoria (the State that still stacks up the “strongest” for the Republic) and Tasmania. It might just be that the correct strategy to get OR gain a Republic is by default. The RPA will formally invite the ARM to be involved in this endeavour, now that National Executive Director, Peter Consandine, has finally met his ARM counterpart, Geoff Gallop, and has briefly broached the idea of a campaign-in-tandem with him.


The Party’s Webmaster, Miles Harris, is steadily building a Sub-Gallery for Australian citizens to display their particular designs for a new Australian flag. If you, the reader, has a design you’d like to have critiqued or evaluated – objectively by your peers – then make a submission by post OR per e-mail to the Writer.


By any criteria, The RPA ‘overachieved’ in getting re-registered in time for the 2013 General Election and raising the sponsorship dollars ($16,000 in toto) for nominations and being able to contest the 2013 Senate races in QUEENSLAND, NSW, VICTORIA and TASMANIA. There were some technical problems plus some amateurish proceedings prior to the lodgement of The Party’s group voting tickets but The RPA is ‘back with the proverbial skin in the political game’. Mistakes as well as surprises, unfortunately, do occur before and during election campaigns.

EGM #7

ALL recipients of this report are entitled to come and attend the 7th Extraordinary General Meeting of The RPA. The EGM will be held at the Epping Club, Rawson Street, Epping NSW 2121 from 8pm on Wednesday, 29 January.


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