Minutes of the 6th EGM of The Republicans

Minutes of the 6th EGM of The Republicans at Epping  NSW 2121 on 27 November, 2013

The EGM commenced rather late at 8.35pm



  1. Noted:  Preferences correspondence and discussions between Peter Consandine and several other micro-minority registered political parties including the 3 newly registered parties by the AEC since the declarations of ALL the polls in the 7 September general election…the 3 newly registered parties being:  21st Century Australia, Natural Medicine Party and Single Parents’ Party.

  2. Noted: Progress on the social media front where Clinton Portors has been investigating the efficacy of micro-payments options per Australia Post.

  3. Noted: Shoring up of links with Glenn Druery and David Leyonhjelm as they develop their separate grouping arrangements with other micro-minority registered political parties.

  4. Noted: The RPA will be a participant with the Micro Parties Alliance (MPA) when it comes time to making a submission to the Joint Standing Committee of Federal Parliament when it establishes an Inquiry in to the conduct of the 7 September General Election and that the MPA have been advised in writing.

  5. Noted: That The RPAs links with the Liberal Democratic Party have been further consolidated of late with the sharing-to-the-max of contact information.

  6. Noted: Malcolm Mackerras’s position paper entitled: ‘IN DEFENCE of the PRESENT AUSTRALIAN SENATE ELECTORAL SYSTEM’. Peter Consandine broadcast-emailed this quite excellent position paper to The Party’s broadranging contacts network and gained some discernible kudos by having done so.

  7. Noted: The RPAs  select-preferred list of political parties remains essentially the same [AS IS]
    1 – 54 order [ex- 10 August] for the time being with the pragmatic, sensible tweakings to take into account (a) the 3 new parties on the scene; (b) the fact that not all 57 parties will contest the expected re-election in Western Australia and (c) The menacing Clive Palmer party (PUP) must and shall be downgraded to near-bottom of the list.

  8. Decision: To stand an endorsed REPUBLICAN candidate in the GRIFFITH By-Election – if funds allow.

  9. Decision: To stand an endorsed REPUBLICAN candidate in FAIRFAX should a re-election be ordered in that Seat by the Court of Disputed Returns – if funds allow.

  10. Decision: To field a Team of 2 endorsed REPUBLICAN candidates in the expected WA State Half-Senate Re-Election given that funds have been organised and the $4000 nomination fees involved are banked already for that purpose.

  11. Decision: To stick entirely with the 10 point platform prepared and issued in tandem with the
    4-State effort in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania for the 7 September General Election – with the same fluro pink colour scheme – for the WA Re-Election, given that the said Re-Election is effectively an extension of the 7 September poll.

  12. Decision: To utilise the 10 positive promotional Republican-orientated headings for the Media Release campaign The Party has signed on to employ in the WA Re-Election.

  13. Decision (as a corollary of Point #9): To endorse Marcus Anderson (Perth-based) as the #2 Candidate on THE REPUBLICANS’ ticket.

  14. Decision: To add to the Board of National Directors both Marcus Anderson and Rees Pearse (Brisbane-based) as Ex-Officio National Executive Directors.

  15. Noted: The first of the State of the REPUBLICAN Nation Reports – with seven succinct items of Party News – has been printed and is being currently disseminated.

  16. Noted: That iiNet is The Party’s telco now – our 3-year association with ACN being at an end.

  17. Noted (with dismay): That the official data base of RPA Party Members cannot presently be accessed until a glitch in the hard drive of The Party’s computer is isolated and fixed – which will be a priority of The Party’s PC hardware mechanic, Kerry McNally, on the weekend of 30-31 November. *Understood that The Party has both two back-up disks and ALL of its Membership records in black & white on official forms.

  18. Realisation: The Party’s automobile is nearly 20 years old and in a dire state of disrepair with parts for it (a 1994 Peugeot 405 SRi sedan) becoming harder to come by to maintain reliability. Peter Consandine authorised to explore new finance options with the view to replacement of the existing vehicle. *The Party automobile is both a mobile office and mobile warehouse when the National Executive Director ventures away from The Hub of Republican Operations at Castle Hill in North-Western Sydney.

  19. Noted: That Scotland’s independence referendum in mid-2014 is a catalyst for the Australian Republican push.

  20. Noted: That as a re-registered political party, The RPA is entitled to have made available to it each month from the AEC, the updated electoral rolls – which is most handy for administration purposes.

  21. Noted: That the AEC felt duty-bound to issue a Media Release explaining why the Liberal Democrats (LDP) were allowed to change their name (from Liberty & Democracy Party) and why they were ‘given’ first position on the NSW Senate ballot paper.

  22. Noted (with relief): That Geoff Gallup the Chairman of the Australian Republican Movement (ARM) has finally met [on 3 October] with his RPA counterpart, Peter Consandine, for a fruitful though short discussion centred on a possible joint ARM/RPA endeavour in 2014.

  23. Noted (with thanks): That David C Jones (Inverell-based) has topped-up The Party’s supply of New Flags for Australia/History of Australian Flags booklets.

  24. Decision: To order 6 and 2, respectively, signature rubber stamps for Party National Executive Officers Peter Consandine and Kerry McNally from Liz Taylor (Concord West-based) forthwith.

  25. Resolution: That the time has come to extend the Philosophical Statement of The Party by one new clause. Thus, the E.12 document will become the E.13 document and The Party’s libertarian ethos shall become further developed.

  26. Resolution: That the suggested 10-12 new policy ideas (for the 2014-2015-2016 Federal Election) mooted by Peter Consandine be put into draft form and circulated for discussion when time permits in the early new year.

  27. Resolution: That the Governor-General, Quentin Bryce, be fingered as a ‘Piece of Work’
    (a Republican torpedo, indeed) and form part of the 6-7 “Pieces” which comprise the work-in-progress viz: The Party’s 44th Campaign Bulletin. Generally, it was thought tonight, that the G-G – in her 4th and final Boyer Lecture (an open, public event) on the 22nd instant – did NO FAVOURS for the ideal of an Australian Republic with her sly, hypocritical, none-to-subtle advocacy of future Australian heads-of-state.

  28. Acceptance: That although it was conspiracy-theorised, the October 2013 YouTube documentary labelled ‘UNLAWFUL KILLING:  THE MURDER of PRINCESS DIANA’ gave pragmatic Republicans an opportunity to capitalise on the starkly-revealed goings-on of The Firm. Without even mentioning the monarch (of Australia as well as of the UK), Peter Consandine was well and truly able to single out 10 salient pointers from the documentary which will be, obviously,
    re-visited if and when the proverbial  time comes.

  29. Resolution: That The National Executive continue to meet at the congenial Epping Club and that The Party does stage its next EGM (#7) here on Wednesday, 29 January, 2014.

The EGM ended at a respectable 10.15pm.

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