Minutes of the 5th EGM of The Republicans

Minutes of the 5th EGM of The Republicans at Five Dock NSW 2046 on 11 September, 2013

The EGM commenced rather late at 8.30pm



  1. (a) Pay balance on Lachlan’s Restaurant account – reference the Wattle Day Luncheon on 1st

(b) Pay deposit on venue for May 2014 Convention #28 at Torquay, Victoria;

(c) Pay deposit to Republic Hotel for the ‘PERSONALISING the REPUBLIC!’ function on 1st

(d) Get quote on front end of party car repair then get work done;

(e) Get quote on auto electrical work which needs to be done on party car then get work done.

      2.    Noted: RPA’s long term printing debt paid out.

      3.    Decision: At future functions of The RPA ONLY wine, coffee and water will be supplied as part of
the freight ($75, $85 or $95).

      4.    Decision: OK to go with ‘ALL PISS and WIND’ as heading for Campaign Bulletin #44.

      5.    Decision: That The RPA be champions of ethics and the Rule of Law henceforth.

      6.    Noted: Progress on the development of the new flags Sub-Gallery of The Party’s website.

      7.    Noted: Kerry McNally to ‘action plan’ the ‘Twitter for Dummies’ guide.

      8.    Noted: The Republican Wine Club turns 20 on 11 November.

9.    Noted: Kerry McNally to convert the ‘HOW LABOR LOST It’s WAY’ CD into an audio file for
attachments to e-mails and for a link to The Party’s website.

    10.    Noted: Relations with the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance and Tim Andrews firmed up.

11.    Noted: More important than ever to revamp the 1991 publication: ‘The REGIONAL CO-

    12.    Consideration of 7 September Federal Election…
(a) Observations – including Glenn Druery’s overplaying of his hand on behalf of the so-called
micro parties;
(b) Results and statistics – including the fact that Labor’s primary vote was the worst in more
than 100 years and that The Tone’s victory came close to eclipsing that of his mentor John
Howard in 1996;
(c) Stuff-Ups on The Party’s Group Voting Ticket lodgements for Victoria and Tasmania;
(d) Kerry McNally appointed The RPA’s Deputy Registered Officer – the AEC to be notified;
(e) The Party $5700 in the red due to inter-related activity in the election proper;
(f) Commonwealth Bank overdraft cleared;
(g) Sponsored Nomination fees in two lump sums of firstly $12,000 and secondly $4000;
(h) $2320 raised in raffle ticket sales;
(i) Seeming success with the 10 point policy platform The Party took to the election in fluro pink;

(j) Realisation that The Party needs to have several more signature stamps for future Federal
(k) Coverage for The Party in ONLY the Australian Associated Press and the ABC;
(l) Ordering of the 54 registered political parties 1 – 54;
(m) The strong, firm, bonds of partnershipachieved with the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).

    13.   Noted: Stephen Lesslie heading up Electoral Reform Australia as yet another Labor Party front
following Brian Costar’s tirade on the ABC regarding the ‘anti-democratic’ aspects of Senate
voting papers in general and group voting tickets in particular.

14.   Endorsed:  The idea of initiating in tandem with arch-advocate in Hobart, Chris Lane, a REPUBLIC
of TASMANIA campaign followed by a REPUBLIC of VICTORIA campaign to (a) move the
Republican push along and/or (b) establish the AUSTRALIAN REPUBLIC by default – State by State – if

   15.   Proposition: Check out prospects for close and mutual Republican pursuits in fellow
Commonwealth dominions Canada and New Zealand and also in the UK itself.

   16.   Decision: To end Amex links – credit card facilities with Visacard and Mastercard deemed
sufficient for The Party’s purposes.

   17.   Decision: No post-election involvement with the Summit of Minor Parties in Melbourne.

   18.   Decision: To award the gong for ‘Republican of the Year, 2013’ to Fred Carter…arrangements to
be put in place for a dinner in Melbourne in May, 2014.

   19.   Decision: That The Party remain in ‘campaign mode’ – merely scale down from overdrive to
‘cruise control’ bearing in mind the distinct possibility of a near-future Double Dissolution Federal

  20.   Noted (with regret): That the ARM’s new Chairman, Geoff Gallop, has  made it most difficult for
The RPA to meet and get to know him, ALL of this year to date and that relations, therefore,
between The RPA and the ARM are (still) cordial but estranged for the present. It was generally
thought that the ARM’s ‘WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE?’ campaign has failed to gain traction and
has been both a waste of time and money ($100,000) whilst also likely to be confused with a
commercial television network’s ‘WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?’ program whilst also being a
reminder of the abjectly failed, yobboish, Australian Tourism campaign: ‘IF YOU’RE NOT in

  21.   Decision: That The Party needs a new meeting place for the EGMs it intends to hold on a bi-
monthly basis henceforth – somewhere more equidistant for the Sydney-suburban National
Executive-persons than the present arrangements.

  22.   Decision: To slightly tweak the numbers-crunching bulletins to ‘POLLIEWATCH’ given that The RPA
must, as objectively as possible, monitor the feats of the new Coalition (Conservative)
government over the term of the 44th Parliament.

23.  Reportage: On the success of the big August and September Party functions at North Hobart and Parramatta.


The EGM ended very late indeed – at 11.30pm

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