Minutes of the 4th EGM of The Republicans

Minutes of the 4th Extraordinary General Meeting of The REPUBLICANS
held at The Five Dock Community Club NSW 2046
on Tuesday, 23rd July, 2013

The Meeting commenced at 7.20pm and concluded at 9.40pm.


National Executive Director, Peter Consandine, reported on the general State of Play on a multitude of fronts at the beginning of proceedings

Resolutions adopted:

  1. Funding and finance allowing, The Party will endeavour to stand Groups of 2 candidates in ALL 6 Australian States for The Senate and lodge with the Returning Officers of the Australian Electoral Commission [AEC] in the Capital Cities of ALL 6 States 3 group voting tickets to ensure the minimum of leakage of preferences. Victoria to be the first State to be facilitated;

  2. Funding and finance allowing, The Party will endeavour to stand a candidate in the Federal Seat of GRIFFITH – held by the resurrected PM, K-Rudd;

  3. The immediate Second Preferences of The Party in each, indeed ALL, jurisdictions will be allocated to the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP);

  4. Preference swapping/exchanging discussions to commence with other registered political parties forthwith;

  5. The Pre-Selection process for the 13 candidates required to fulfil the above-stated process – already commenced – to be continued with, expeditiously;

  6. Finance and funding negotiations (including donations-seeking) to continue apace;

  7. That a 10-point policy platform be prepared by The National Executive Director and that it be posted on to the ‘POLICIES’ zone of The Party’s website as a matter of priority;

  8. That The Party attempt to ‘dominionise’ a Republican network with the other Commonwealth English-speaking former Colonies of Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom itself where nascent Republican organisations already exist.


*Noted: That, as of today, The Party has made its first forays in to the Social
Media realm with a portal page – complete with Party logo and outline –
admittedly to introduce The Party and what it stands for to ‘virgin’ (first time)
voters at this coming [2013] Federal Election. ‘Way to GO on linkages etc!

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