Minutes of the 27th Annual National Republican Convention

held at The Anchorage, Victor Harbor, SA  5211 on
Saturday, 18 May, 2013


The Delegates assembled, once registration for the Convention was completed, determined the order of things to both fit in with the morning speakers’ commitments and to attempt to finish General Business by the late afternoon.


National Executive Director, Peter Consandine, reported on the big excursion in to South East Queensland for most of the month of April prior to travelling to South Australia for groundwork in the lead-up to the Victor Harbor gathering for a similar period of time. Peter Consandine, as the Registered Officer of The Party, also reported on the State of Play regarding the re-Registration of The Party – that the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) were well-advanced in what is, virtually, a three-phase process; that The Party was well-placed to be registered in time for the nominated General Election date (Saturday, 14 September) provided that date remained constant. 

Peter Consandine also reported on the interim preference discussions which had been held with several registered parties and of certain set arrangements made – more particularly with the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) – who gave The RPA immeasurable assistance in the first seven months of the re-Registration program

(from 17 September, 2011 – 21 April, 2012).

Speakers Gabrielle Appleby and Michael Lardelli both delivered their papers before the Morning Tea break and fielded questions afterwards.

Following the Lunch break, Speaker Alan Crosier delivered his paper and stayed on after fielding specific questions put to him to participate at the Annual General Meeting itself.

Resolutions adopted:

To oppose, though NOT vigorously, the proposed Recognition of Local Government in the Commonwealth Constitution in the forthcoming Referendum whilst promoting a more pro-active Inquiry in to the way the country is being governed – with three tiers of governance;

The proposed Survey of Party Members containing the section where Members could apply for

Party Pre-Selection for the coming Federal Election for The Senate;

Predicated on being re-Registered, The Party do its utmost to endorse Groups of 2 Candidates for at least the 3 States: South Australia, Queensland and Victoria;

Arrangements be proceeded with for the Annual Republican of the Year (for 2012) Dinner for Awardee, Tony Heath, in Hobart in August, late-in-the-piece though it is;

The next primary position paper, tentatively entitled: ‘THE FOLLY of EMPIRE’ be written and ready for publication for the 2014 (99th) Anniversary of Anzac Day – a full year prior to the Centenary;

The Flags & Banners Sub-Gallery as sub-site on The Party’s website for fellow-Australians to submit – and have displayed and commented upon – ideas for a new Australian flag, as prepared so far by The Party’s WebMaster, Miles Harris, be proceeded with;

The PollWatch series commenced in late January, 2013 and written up by Peter Consandine, be continued apace – until at least the 2013 General Election is called. The PollWatch bulletins having already been discerned to be ‘gaining political credibility’ for The Party especially since they neatly form part of The Party’s contribution to the ‘G. R. O. G.’ campaign;

The Party proceed cautiously towards de-Nationalising its structures – where and when the opportunities to Federalise somewhat do arise e.g. in Queensland, South Australia and Victoria…the thought being that Capital City Regional Meetings between AGMs should be held and petition-signers and newly-recruited members be invited to attend and participate in Party affairs beyond the street meetings;

The best energy policy for The Party to adopt would be to, as it were: ‘hedge the bets’ – to foster a diverse mix of energy technologies including the very prospective development of thorium nuclear (portable) nuclear plants;

That delegate, Frank Verrall, is authorised to ‘flesh out’ the Indicative Manifesto of The Party

[‘The ESSENCE of REPUBLICAN LIBERTARIANISM’] and refine same in to something like 10 dot points for easier reading by voters seeking out alternative political parties such as The RPA to support/vote for;

The RPAs new (2013) Membership Options and Categories Schedule (considered favourably at the EGM on 26 February);

The Wattle Day Events program be confined, for the time being, at Old Government House, Parramatta Park in Central Western Sydney. Peter Consandine reported on his inability to  expand the enterprise to South Australia even though there was encouraging early interest  i.e. in the last 3 months of 2012 and the first 4-5 months of 2013;

‘WHY a REPUBLIC?’ position paper by Peter Consandine approved for wider circulation;

Similarly, Republican Campaign Bulletin #43 with the heading: ‘ARMed for ASSAULT’ which is critical of past and present ARM mistakes on Side 1 and features The Party’s OPEN LETTER to the Prime Minister, Juliar Gillard, warning her on Side 2 NOT to play the Republican Card as a ‘game-changer’ issue in the coming Federal Election as a differentiator to The Tone;

A series of 10 positive headings for Media Releases during the coming Federal Election campaign. Naturally enough, these to be ‘kept under wraps’ until the election campaign proper;

The RPAs new narrative on ‘Economising the Republic!’ combined with ‘Culturally Reforming the Republic! takes the ‘3T’ approach apropos tourism + trade + technological transfer;

That Nina Harris’s idea for a new National Song Competition be shelved until a future time;

The Convention ended spot-on 4.30pm and ALL matters on the Agenda were deemed by the Delegates to have been satisfactorily addressed.

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