Open Letter to The Resurrected Prime Minister

PO Box 843
1 July, 2013

The Hon K M Rudd
Prime Minister of Australia
The Lodge
Canberra ACT 2600


Dear Prime Minister,

It would not have passed your notice during the latter stages of your immediate predecessor’s reign that  two of her close Ministers were well into kite-flying antics by, firstly, former Attorney-General, Nicola Roxon, and secondly former Treasurer, Wayne Swan: making soundings, indeed speeches about gearing towards an Australian Republic sooner rather than later.

The matter of the Australian Republic is not to be trifled with. Nor is it to be subjected to fanciful and distracting rhetoric by any of your newly sworn-in Ministers or senior Parliamentary colleagues in this near-official General Election season. Certainly not when it is incumbent on you to hold a legislated-for referendum on the recognition of Local Government in the Commonwealth Constitution in tandem with the said General Election.

You and your Labor re-election team have patently begun tossing many balls into the air in an ALL Get-Out campaign to be seen to be ‘getting things done’, albeit differently from Ms Gillard and to prepare to present a completely alternative set of policies to those of your formidable opponent, Mr Abbott, for The Electorate to weigh up.

I know full-well that you are a Republican, PM, but so are 99.9% of Labor Party members. However, hitherto you have declared that the Labor govt you led would ONLY move for a Republic once the queen dies – the very same line espoused by your four Labor PM predecessors: Gough Whitlam, Bob Hawke, Paul Keating and Juliar Gillard.

I therefore urge you to NOT be a torpedo for the Australian Republic and to NOT play the Republican Card as one of those perceived potential ‘game-changer’ issues in the coming General Election.

Please leave well enough alone, PM. Please leave we long-term, sincere and dedicatedly thorough grass roots Republicans with at least one untainted policy of national pre-eminence and importance to prosecute and promote once the Australian electorate has voted on your political fate.

I thank you.

I am, Yours Patriotically,

National Executive Director
Telephone (6am – 10pm daily): (0408) 408 148

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