Republican Campaign Bulletin #43 of May, 2013

It hurts when the junior Republican organisation in this country has to reveal the big mistakes of the senior Republican organisation. But the Australian Republican Movement (ARM) continues to make overwhelming mistakes as they go forward – mistakes that carry with them quite frightening losses of large donation monies.


Other republican organisations were approached to subscribe to the latest ARM failure-in-the-making: a $100,000 expenditure on a negatively-geared promotion. They declined. And one would not be surprised (see dot point #4 below).

ARM booster, Mike Steketee, and others are doubtless enamoured of the prospects attendant with the upcoming Geoff Gallop and Malcolm Turnbull talkfest for the ARM faithful @ $180 a plate ($200 a plate for non-members of ARM).

But it will ALL be ephemeral – as was the Hobart re-launch of the ARM last October followed closely by a (further) Sydney re-launch of the show.

Some of the previous BIG ARM MISTAKES 1991-2013 inclusive:

  • Appointing Greg Barns as the “Yes” Campaign  Director for the 1st Republican referendum
  • Sponsoring the Ausflag New Australian Flag Competition at Wollongong
  • Using the Labor Party State branch Head Offices as Campaign Headquarters for the first and only Australian Constitutional Convention
  • Re-launching the ARM organisation  with a yobboish question-orientated slogan: ’’WHO DO WE WANT TO BE?”
  • Going back to the future with this upcoming 10 May dialogue re-introducing former ARM Chairman, Malcolm Turnbull, the author of (a) the greatly flawed parliamentary appointment and dismissal model for the Republic and (b) the patronising ‘Yes’ case for the said 1st Republican referendum

Of course, The RPA has made a considerable number of mistakes too in its 31+ year history. Indeed, The RPA would not make some of those lesser mistakes ever again or The RPA would do things quite differently a second time around, as the case may be.

The RPA has been a fellow-player with the ARM between the years 2004-2009 in the entity known then as the Republican Gatherers which, lamentably and for myriad reasons, collapsed.

A provisional organisation e.g. CAR – for Coalition of Australian Republicans – will necessarily come again. This is because, inevitably, there will be a catalystic event e.g. the monarch’s death or abdication or some other reasonably catastrophic occurrence prompting The RPA and the ARM to “bed down” one more time. Perhaps, there will be a trigger for an Australian Republic emanating out of the Centenary of Anzac Day in 2015. Another possibility may arise should any one of the three countries – Canada, New Zealand or even the UK itself – drive out the shared monarchy and establish republics. 

Meanwhile, the party political Australian Republicans of The RPA will champion the Australian Republic from the electoral perspective in 2013 and stage a ‘BRANDING the AUSTRALIAN REPUBLIC!’ (27th) Annual Republican Convention at Victor Harbour SA, schedulely, beforehand.

2013 is a year of opportunity for The RPA and, resources allowing, The Party will put on a respectable performance in pursuit of The Cause! At the very least, if re-Registered in time, The RPA will give the Australian electors an alternative party to vote for!!

The RPA Goal:  

A place in The Senate from the ‘focus’ State of South Australia either at this coming federal General election or in the anticipated Double Dissolution election to follow closely-on.

Primary Writer: PETER CONSANDINE, National Executive Director, REPUBLICAN PARTY of AUSTRALIA
Authorised by: Kerry McNally, 1/512 Parramatta Road, Ashfield NSW 2131


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