Centenary of Anzac

With the centenary of Anzac Day looming on the horizon, it seems a goodly number of Australians – those who might be described as Patriotic Symbolists – are re-appraising Australia’s symbols – more particularly, the Australian flag. 

Whereas The Republican Party of Australia [RPA] does not have a definitive position on
Australia’s flag nor does it have a policy of advocating change to Australia’s flag, The Party
does believe it is consistently patriotic for Australians – ahead of whatever constitutional 
re-arrangements might take place either before or immediately after the existing monarch’s 
passing – to be making their views and ideas known on the issue.


Insofar, The RPA has, in the spirit of its futuristic agenda, positively decided to provide space on its website for those fellow-Australians who have new flag design proposals to proffer and share.


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