Minutes of the 3rd EGM of The Republicans

held at Five Dock, NSW 2045 Tuesday evening, 26 February, 2013

Matters determined/decided:


Predicated on The REPUBLICAN PARTY of AUSTRALIA (RPA or The Party) being re-Registered in time for the next Federal election by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) and following the most-recent advice of that Commonwealth Agency, The Party will proceed to applying for ‘The AUSTRALIAN REPUBLICANS!’ (complete with exclamation mark) as its Registered Abbreviated name and expect the AEC to approve the suggested alteration.

Again, predicated on The RPA being re-Registered in time for the next Federal election, it will preference order as follows [*this is a re-confirmation]:






* It is clearly understood that where ANY of the parties listed #2-#5 above do not contest in a Mainland Australian State for The Senate that the order will be elevated UP accordingly.

** It is furthermore in the province of The RPAs National Registration Officer to conclude satisfactory preference arrangements for firstly the vacant positions of #6-#7 and secondly and consequently, satisfactory preference arrangements from position #8 downwards.

3. The RPAs Wattle Week* Events program in 2013 to be limited to (a) Newcastle/Huntert Region; (b) Adelaide & Environs SA and Parramatta (Sydney) but, if the outreach is positive apropos Perth & Environs WA, then extended also to the Deep West. [*Wattle Week, now]
4. The RPAs new/slightly altered (2013) Membership Options & Categories schedule is adopted.
5. The CACC constitution for lodgement with application for a gaming licence to the Office of Gaming is adopted.
6. Apropos the article by Gabrielle Appleby of the University of Adelaide: ‘LOCAL GOVERNMENT: THE REFERENDUM WE HAVE to HAVE?’ in the Independent Australia journal of 14 February, 2013, The National Executive Director follows up the author (whence in Adelaide in March) and reports accordingly.
7. That the National Executive Director, whence in the three interstate capital cities of Adelaide, Perth & Melbourne in April, May and/or June 2013, checks out what is happening on the campuses of the Adelaide, WA (Perth) & Melbourne Universities, respectively, with the (new/new old actually) ARM-sponsored Republican University Clubs and reports accordingly.
8. Noted: The RPA now has reciprocal arrangements with the Australian Industrial Hemp industry.
9. That, as a forerunner to dealing with symbols-in-the-broad at The Party’s 27th Annual National Republican Convention at Victor Harbour, SA – where the Convention theme this year is: ‘BRANDING the AUSTRALIAN REPUBLIC!’ – The Party does set up a Sub-Gallery on its website for designers of new flags for Australia, complementary to the Ausflag organisation.
10. That Hobartian, Tony Heath, is confirmed as Australian Republican of the Year for 2012 and that the National Executive Director is authorised to make whatever suitable arrangements possible to award Mr Heath his Recognition at a dinner in his home city during the bizzy/busy Federal election year, 2013.
11. That the travel itinerary as presented by the National Executive Director for his interstate and intrastate advancement of The Cause through to 30 June, as considered – and allowing for necessary contingency change – is adopted.
12. That the Wattle Week Committee of 3 draft be the basis of discussions with the Community Group which is established in South Australia and as the provisional template for Perth WA, Newcastle NSW and elsewhere.
13. That the PollWatch bulletin regime [4 editions to date in 2013]continue in the fashion that it was established on the strength of there being discernible ‘political cred’ for The Republicans’ Cause attaching to the enterprise. 

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