Issue #1…29 January, 2013

JWS Research has published today its findings in its first opinion poll of 2013 and they confirm the Writer’s vox-pop polling on street meetings these past 4 months thus:


That the Liberal/National Coalition will win the 2013 House of Representatives General Election – whenever it is held – in something of a landslide…

3350 eligible Australian voters were authoritatively polled by JWS’ interviewers by telephone over the recent Australia Day Long Weekend in the 54 most marginal Federal Seats, in ALL States & Territories.

On the strength of the poll proper, JWS Managing Director, John Scales, confidently predicts that 91 Seats will be won by the Coalition at Federal Election 2013 with Labor winning ONLY 59 Seats on a 2-Party Preferred [2PP] trade-off of 54%:46%.

*Significantly – but hardly surprising – the poll reveals that The Greens will NOT win a single Seat let alone retain the one and ONLY Seat they now hold viz Melbourne.

Overall, the swing against Labor – at this very juncture – is 5%+ with the ONLY spot of good news for them being that they won’t have to go back into an Alliance/stay in Alliance with the Greens.

Amongst other things, Labor will lose Seats in Federal Election 2013 which they have never, ever lost before – up to 10 of these being in NSW where the stench of NSW Labor Inc is kicking in hard and unshakingly. Things can ONLY get worse with the AWU Scandal about to break open.

Coincidentally, the nationwide SportsBet gambling organisation opened the betting on the coming Federal Election yesterday and their early report reflects JWS’ polling insofar as the Coalition – in just one and a half days – has firmed in favouritism on the 2-Party basis at 54%.

Translated, the Coalition is being backed to win @ $1.35 whilst Labor are outsiders @ $3.30. Interestingly, SportsBet are reporting that 3 in every 4 early betplacers are plumping for the Coalition. Tim Blair, the Daily Telegraph columnist, today on his blog has revealed that SportsBet’s accountants are closely aligned to the Blairpoll organisation [no relation] and their unanalysed recent straw-polling seems to corroborate the 54%:46% 2PP trade-off.

Absolutely, The Tone is way out in front and is pulling away from the Starting Gates.

However, it’s a marathon THIS race and ANYTHING can happen!

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