Membership Categories and Options


Membership Categories and Options

[as at 1 July, 2014]

1. CONCESSION = $35 per annum (for the socially disadvantaged, retired, carers, students, unemployed and the like)

2. FULL/STANDARD = $50 per annum (for those who are “waged” or “salaried” – in the work force, taxpayers, in other words)

3. SPONSOR  = $75 per annum OR as negotiated (a flexible and convenient Membership more often than not involving RPA product purchases)

4. OVERSEAS = $75 per annum

5. PREMIUM = $100 per annum (for professionals, self-employed businesspeople, consultants etc…Premium Members are allocated high Membership numbers – the equivalent of the prestige that comes with a personalised/customised car number plate; Premium Members are automatically eligible to be co-opted as ex-Officio National Executive Members)

5. (a) Premium Members may, if desired, for an additional $100 per annum, place their business logo and contact details on The Party’s website

6. NATIONAL EXECUTIVE (upon invitation) = $175 per annum

7. FRANCHISE (150 only based on the 150 Federal Electorates/Regional Republics)…Franchises can be negotiated for one (1) or three (3) or five (5) years under a binding contractual arrangement

= $2500 per annum

8. LIFE = $5000 in either (a) one fell swoop
(b) five increments of $1000
(c) cash &/or in kind cumulatively over 10 years’ minimum consecutive financial membership

* To be considered for endorsement as a Candidate for election to Office in the Federal Parliament, a Member’s Minimum Membership category must be PREMIUM (#5)

** Categories of Membership are both interchangeable and re-negotiable

*** Donations and Membership Subscriptions to registered political parties are deemed to be the same thing according to both
the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) and the Australian Tax Office (ATO)

**** Tax-Deductible receipts will be issued to ALL Donors, Subscribers, Supporters or Members for the monies contributed in the particular financial year (1 July of 1st year to 30 June of 2nd year)

***** The AEC will allow up to $1500 to be donated in any one financial year to The RPA without The Party having to reveal/declare the name of the
individual donor to either it (the AEC) or the ATO