No Confidence Motions

Decidedly, there would be a risk of a no-confidence motion being carried in the Government of the Day – or whomsoever occupies the Treasury Benches – in The House of Representatives if we had FIXED four year terms of Parliament. Equally, there is the risk of a no-confidence motion being carried with the present system whereby elections get called, in a three year non-fixed cycle, at the time and choosing of the Prime Minister of the Day.


No-confidence motions get put by Oppositions from time to time and usually, along Party lines, they get defeated – and expectedly so – for the simple reason that most everybody in the House of Representatives knows the true state of the numbers.

The beautiful thing about the resolution being proposed is that we would have perfect democracy obtaining. Honest, transparent, accountable democracy as well!

The resolution being proposed is conducive also to the Government of the Day being comprised of more than just one political party.

Four years FIXED terms means just that unless there is an aberrational carrying of a no-confidence motion.

Should this unexpected turn of events ever occur then all serving politicians must go out to the people and get themselves re-elected, prospectively, for another/a further four year FIXED term – the new four year FIXED term commencing exactly a month after the actual date of the Full General Election which would have resulted from the no-confidence motion in the first place.

This resolution checks those in the body politic who want “Voter recall”.

And, should this unexpected turn of events ever occur then new opportunities present themselves for, primarily, minority political parties of substance.

Peter Consandine © 2005 and © 2012

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