Covering the Cover-Ups!

Republican Campaign Bulletin #42 of November 2012

Gangsters, Mobsters & Crooks

There has been no compunction whatsoever on my part in describing this Federal Labor government (almost the last Labor government standing) since May 2010 as a Government of Gangsters. Others of prominence in the Commentariat have described it as both a Government of Mobsters or even a Government of Crooks – with the Chief Crook being the Prime Minister herself. I disclaim being called any of the following: misogynist, sexist, nut-jobist or conspiracy theorist just because I am espousing a considered point-of-view; I am telling it like it is…The Beguiler, as I call her, is ALL of the following:


  • complicit in fraud; an aider and a better of fraud, apropos the AWU/Slater & Gordon/Bruce Wilson affair (see below).
  • treacherous – in plotting  and facilitating the coup against her then Parliamentary Party Leader/PM, K-Rudd.
  • un-Prime Ministerial with her relentless behaving like a bitch junkyard dog and divisively waging her self-generated gender war with the now playing of the misogynist card at every given opportunity. A palpable hater, in short.
  • an overpromiser with, firstly, the assurances she gave as to the efficacy of her Mining Tax which in its first quarter of operation yielded absolutely no taxation revenue and, secondly, the carry-on with the delusional “vision thing” which entails, in Walter Mitty fashion, the delivery of grand schemes and fantasy announcements – too many to list here.
  • a deceiver – siding with South Australia (the last remaining mainland  Labor State) and sidelining Victoria, New South Wales and  Queensland over her plan for water distribution in the Murray-Darling Basin.
  • a fudger – surely no-one can realistically believe there will be a genuine budget surplus for financial year 2012-2013?
  • a control freak – insisting that ALL speeches to be delivered by her cabinet members must be vetted by her.
  • a proven liar – with her introduction of the Carbon Tax and Emissions Trading Scheme. Lying, for her, is an Art Form.
  • a not-quite-yet proven coverer-up…but, in politics, covering up usually kicks in when either a politician is “found out” or is about to be (more on this below – in summation).
(a) sexist herself for (a) alleging that Maxine McKew’s second book (see below) was ghost-written by K-Rudd;
(b) on an earlier occasion – indeed , in her communist Socialist Forum days – of describing married women as prostitutes;
(c) when she appointed Greg Medcraft as ASIC Chairman – without going through the ‘open and merit-based senior appointments to the public service process’ by the way – knowing full well that he was, earlier on, a provider of places at Scores strip club in NYC for visiting Labor Party former and serving politicians including K-Rudd;
(d) alleging that Julie Bishop did not prepare her own parliamentary questions – that Tony Abbott or Joe Hockey or Christopher Pyne wrote them for her &
(e) admitting that she herself deemed it a compliment being described as a ‘bad-ass’ female politician. Sheer hypocrisy or misplaced sexist rhetoric – take your pick!
  • a careerist – for entrenching wretchedly bad policies which will cause long-run damage from which Australia will take many years to recover. Not to mention the $147 billion accumulated Federal debt which grows by the week!
  • an ultimate Spin Doctor – it is reported that no fewer than 1600 “media advisers” are employed by her Labor government in Canberra…and it is a safe bet that a lot of these people, under the tutelage of “hired gun”, John McTernan, are being schooled up to do the bidding of a desperate and flailing administration which is likened, I see, to a camel train – unsure of its destination beyond a distant oasis or the next public opinion poll or crisis to come.

I don’t trust her and neither does more than 50% of the electorate if the usually-reliable opinion polls are to be afforded credibility. I believe she is as “guilty as hell” OR rather “guilty as NOT charged”. Anyway, certain fellow-crooks e.g. Michael Williamson and Craig Thomson have either been charged with crimes or soon will be. Perhaps, even The Beguiler will be arraigned. Best Solution: heretical as it is for a Republican to make such a call but there has to be a Royal Commission into the whole AWU/Slater & Gordon/Bruce Wilson affair. The Tone will initiate one as soon as he is sworn-in as the next PM, surely!

In the meantime I shall paraphrase Victorian historical writer, Doug Morrissey, who when writing about ‘honour among crooks’, quoted a 19C horse thief who let his guard down for just a moment when he revealed to an arresting policeman:

“I don’t like to split on my mates until I see how the case gets on”. It will ONLY take one of the many characters in this sleazy affair to ‘split’ [“spill the beans” or “turn State’s evidence” or come up with the missing jigsaw puzzle piece in the form of a “smoking gun”] and the Labor Party will be “done like a dinner”. It could be Ralph Blewitt. It could be Nick Styant-Browne.  It could be Peter Gordon. It could even be The Beguiler’s former spiv-fraudster lover of 4 years, Bruce Wilson. Or yet another of  her former lovers, Michael O’Connor. And if the State  police detective forces of WA and Victoria got truly serious they might shake down others in the loop e.g. Tim Daly, Bernard Murphy, Ian Cambridge, Peter Trebilco, Bill Telikostoglou, Wayne Hem, Bob Kernohan and Joe Trio. Sooner or later WA Inc and NSW Inc will become Federal Labor Inc. Oh, the scandal of it ALL!

Catfight of all Catfights

Oncer MHR for Bennelong, Maxine McKew has, at long last, published her book: ‘TALES from the POLITICAL TRENCHES’ which echoes much of what her former parliamentary colleague, Lindsay Tanner, wrote in his 2012 book: ‘POLITICS with PURPOSE’.

With Christine Wallace being forced to pull her unauthorised biography on The Beguiler, it has been left to “Max” to put her side of the story as regards the toppling of her former friend and mentor, K-Rudd. The Australian newspaper is serialising the book and it has made for very interesting reading so far. The Oz has otherwise picked up on the AWU/Slater & Gordon/Bruce Wilson affair again – having retrenched their fearless reporter, Glenn Milne, who really did uncover a story which potentially could have brought the Gillard-Labor government to its knees, sooner. Milne unfortunately though got some of his facts wrong and/or confused prompting The Beguiler to threateningly stand over then editor of The Oz, Clive Mathieson, to both “spike” Milne’s story and cower other Oz reporters from proceeding with the investigation. However, it is ALL “back on” now with even the progressive Melbourne newspaper, The Age, chiming in. Likewise – and NOT to be left out of the push – the Australian Financial Review has begun what can only be dubbed: a forensic investigation. Indubitably, the Beguiler-Labor government’s days are numbered.

Lying is one thing – Covering Up is Another

Back in the late 1970s in the good ol’ USA – in the Jimmy Carter presidential years – White House adviser, Gerry Rafshoon made the following observation (and, of course, he was alluding to the American electorate): “People prefer a good liar to a bad performer”. Well, Juliar Gillard and her Gangster government are both bad liars and bad performers: a dangerous double!

Space is becoming short and it is fitting that I leave some of the last words to four Canberra-based journalists/commentators. Firstly, Chris Kenny, on his blog for 10 October, 2012: “Ms Gillard has been such a failure as PM because every step of the way the public has seen deals, backflips, broken promises and compromised positions based not on what’s good for the nation but on what she has perceived to be in her own base political interests”. Secondly, Henry Ergas, in his Oz column of 20 August, 2012: “Julia Gillard is a woman of principle – the survival principle”. Thirdly, Bob Ellis, in his Independent Australia article of  19 September, 2012: “Gillard’s dim, ramshackle rule has displeased Labor voters nationwide and has ensured the Labor Party’s extinction at the next (Federal) election”. Fourthly and lastly, Paul Zanetti, on his blog of 9 November, 2012: “Labor government corruption is like the Hubble telescope…the further it looks back in time the more confident it can be that what everyone is looking at no longer exists”! Yep, the PM and her cronies will just explain it ALL away while the country crumbles.

Responsibility for ALL Editorial Content herein rests with the Primary Writer: PETER CONSANDINE © 2012

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