The 3-Phase Process to the Eventual Success

of a Second Referendum on the Republic

The last section of a position paper: ‘REPUBLIC DELAYED is REPUBLIC DENIED’ which may be found in it’s entirety in another part of the LIBRARY category of this website. The said position paper is/was written by Peter Consandine in 2009 and revised in 2011 to take into account the changes in the leadership of both the Labor and Liberal/National Coalition at the Federal level.


Stage 1: Indicative Referendum on the YES/NO Question…Republic desired OR Status Quo retained (this initial part of the 3-Phase Process is virtually a nationwide Opinion Poll with voting voluntary);

Stage 2: Predicated on a “YES” Vote overall in Stage 1, a nationwide binding Plebiscite offering a menu of four models [the precedent was established for this procedure in the 1977 National Song Plebiscite];

Stage 3: The most popular of the four Plebiscite models forms the fundamental basis of the Official YES/NO Referendum Question which is then put to the Australian People with voting compulsory.

© Peter Consandine 2011


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