Considered Response on the Republic

To the party organizers

Very pleased to see signs of life in the Republican Movement. To achieve the goals of the movement, if I may, I would like to make a couple of recommendations.

Firstly, to succeed, the youth of the country must be engaged. That means a well crafted (preferably by young people) electronic media campaign. This should continuously high-light the outrageous tweaking of the last campaign by Howard.  There is a whole generation that is pretty much unaware of this travesty of a referendum, whereby over seventy percent of Australians voted for a republic – and yet still lost. If this youth demographic is energized, a vast Iphone and Twitter campaign will force change.


Secondly, although at the time I was of the opinion that direct presidential election was not the best option, we can only have one option on the table. Your onset declaration that this will be the platform for the movement is clear sighted, and avoids a repeat of the wedging of different republican philosophies. The choice must be clear and unequivocal – Republic or royalist.

Although I am of substantially British descent, I believe the other demographic to be drawn into the debate, are those citizens who are not. Until we achieve a republic, these people, an ever growing proportion of the population, will always feel slightly alienated from the national matrix, and subtly excluded.

As a personal anecdote, I offer the attitude of an Irish friend of fifty years in Australia: ‘When this country finally gets rid of the British monarchy, I will go down on my knees and beg for the citizenship I have always wanted’.

I am a writer, and in any way this may assist the movement, please ask me.  Also, since the last referendum, filled with outrage, I have written a trilogy dealing with the origins of Australian national consciousness – and our national amnesia regarding same.  I would be only too happy to send you an overall precis of this trilogy. I would also like to offer all proceeds from any Australian publishing of said work, to further the aims of the Republican Movement. I am a rusted on republican, and I am proud to make this offer.

Thank you, and march on

John Worth



I’ll get to the merit aspects of your correspondence shortly, John.

Firstly though, some corrections:
(a) The first referendum on the Republic got nowhere near 70% voter support – in fact it was twenty-five basis points less than that at approximately 45%; Yep, Little Johnny Howard “muddied the waters” per se but Malcolm Turnbull and Greg Barns jointly directing the ‘YES’ campaign did not bring to the fight nor did they display the appropriate political nous &/or finesse and both the battle and the first war were lost by their combined arrogance, incompetence and non-inclusiveness.

(b) There’s NOT much movement, per se, in the moribund ARM (the Australian Republican Movement) at the moment. Even though it was they who commissioned the latest published [Fairfax Media just this past weekend] research (they conduct “research” every 2 years or so) and sent out the press release upon analysing same – I presume you are responding/reacting to this – ‘tis ALL pretty lame and insignificant is it not?

And so, by this, you’ve gathered that The RPA [The REPUBLICAN PARTY of AUSTRALIA] is NOT them (the ARM). I dunno if that makes ANY difference to your (kind) offer, or not. However, this Republican organisation is more pro-active than the ARM in that we are more ‘community-orientated’ – we conduct street meetings on a continuing basis and we have conducted some 683 street meetings over 21 calendar years to date. Thereat, we make it our business to engage young people. And whereas a lot of young people today are disengaged maximally and have discernibly much lower attention spans than, say, 10 years ago, we never resile or give up outreaching to them.

The RPA is unapologetically pro-Direct Election of The Oz Presidency and our model for a Presidium set of structures is readily found on The Party’s website, just by the way: But, since May 2006, we have committed ourselves to a 3-phase process to a successful 2nd referendum on the Republican issue in cahoots with the ARM – again see where that is espoused on The Party’s website – at the bottom of the 2nd page of the ‘REPUBLIC DELAYED is REPUBLIC DENIED’ position paper of May 2009.

I am presuming – looking again at your e-mail address – that you are resident in Australia and therefore I would particularly like to have a chat with you…

If and when you are ready then you may phone me on: 0408 408 148. The RPA is based in the NW suburb of Castle Hill in the Greater Sydney metropolis. Lastly, I have met countless armchair-republicans like your Irish friend…views such as he expresses and others like him are coppers-out or lazy-republicans. Perhaps though, it is the coming catalyst – whatever it might be – that will prise the sops and no-goers out of their armchairs and fight to ensure that we “end it” with the 9th monarch of Australia.

Again, if you’re interested, The RPA does have a futuristic agenda – starting with the 5-State Senate electoral campaign for Federal election 2013.

Thank You for writing to us albeit it may have been by mistake. Lastly, I would be very much interested in reading the mooted ‘Trilogy’ especially since it could well be pertinent to the theme of The Party’s next Annual Convention set down for Victor Harbour SA on 18-19 May, 2013 thus: ‘BRANDING the REPUBLIC!’

Best Republican Regards,

Yours Patriotically,

National Executive Director

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