Answers to 8 Pertinent Questions

The RPAs PETER CONSANDINE Answers 8 Pertinent Questions from monarchist organisation AIDC:

by Peter Consandine

Question #1:  Why is change to a republic so imperative?


Answer #1. Australia – the further it goes in to the 21C – must have a clearly

discernible National Identity. Australia cannot ever have such a clearly discernible National Identity with

a Head-of-State who is a foreigner on the one hand but a Head-of-State who is also the same

entity with two of our rival trading nations viz: Canada and New Zealand;

Question #2:  Is there a draft republican constitution?

Answer #2. The draft Republican constitution – with the wholesale 69 changes

to reflect the change from monarchical to republican a la 1999 – can readily serve as a draft

Republican Constitution for the time being. There would be absolutely no point “jumping the gun” and in any way short-circuiting the processes or being prescriptive or presumptive as to the appropriate ‘Republican’ constitution too early. This is an important matter of the sovereignty of the Australian people and the full extent of the democratic processes which obtain must be employed ;

Question #3:  What will be the powers of the president and the prime minister?

Answer #3. The powers – indeed the duties and responsibilities – of The Presidency in a Republican system of governance are spelt out in The RPA’s model for an Australian Republic which may be found on The Party’s website. On page 4 of this model it can readily be seen that the Presidential (re)arrangements shall have no bearing whatsoever on the (Federal) parliamentary structures that prevail and which would remain totally UNchanged;

Question #4:  How would the republican constitution, as devised, prevent the Australian States from seceding?

Answer #4. Far from the likelihood of any of the Australian States seceding – a Republic might come in to existence by default i.e. by way of the States – seriatim – holding referendums to become State Republics – one-by-one – until the process is complete – making it incumbent upon the Federal government of the Day to instigate enabling laws to make uniform the real-world situation then obtaining;

Question #5:  Given that magna carta established the principle of the separation of powers, how will an Australian republic protect the hard won rights which the crown safeguards?

Answer #5. Magna Carta has absolutely no bearing on Australia’s constitutional evolution, reform or change;

Question #6:  What will be the criteria for applicants aspiring to the office of president? Furthermore, Should just anybody be able to stand for the office of president?

Answer #6. A suggested set of criteria for eligibility to stand for the Office of Australian Head-of-State [The Presidency] is spelt out in the model for the Australian Presidency which, again, may be found for perusal on The Party’s official website at  <>

Question #7:  What will be the cost of a complete change to the Australian constitution?

Answer #7. Of course, there would be considerable cost in making ALL the changes associated with establishing a Republican system of governance and jurisprudence in Australia but it can fairly be claimed that there would be corresponding, off-setting economic benefits in making the big set of changes;

Question #8:  What is the timeframe envisaged for the completion of this very complex exercise?

Answer #8. A reasonable timeframe – from Go to Whoa – to fully establish a Republican system of governance and jurisprudence would be 5 years, Tops. That estimate is predicated on the Federal government of the day being serious as well as measured in carrying out their then responsibilities. Of course, it is reasonably anticipated that there would need to be a concerted grassroots democratic effort over 3 calendar years – through 3-phase process* – to get a successful, enabling official 2nd referendum carried under Section #128 of the existing monarchical constitution before it came to that. And, lamentably, the reigning monarch may have to die or otherwise meet with fate before ANY of the aforementioned gained traction.

*The 3-phase process alluded-to is contained in The Party’s position paper:

REPUBLIC DELAYED is REPUBLIC DENIED!‘ and this relevant document may also be found on The Party’s official website.


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