Daze of Atonement

Republican Campaign Bulletin #41 of June 2012

The Benign Dictatorship

If it is ONLY a matter of time before the Australian electorate gets its first Thatcherite Federal government and, commensurately, the nearest thing possible in a democracy to a One-Party Commonwealth State, then it is timely to identify what Joe & Josephine Public will be getting with a likely Tony Abbott (aka ‘Tone’) Liberal/National Prime Minister:


  • A Monarchist
  • A Federalist and States Righter
  • A Middle Class Welfarist
  • A Protectionist
  • A Populist
  • A Religionist
  • A Right-Wing Ideologue
  • A Cultural Imperialist

If it is to be a virtual dictatorship then, hopefully, it will be a benign one – something of a true guide might be the Premiership of Queensland’s Campbell Newman who is the Leader of a unicameral parliament in the Deep North.

The broad left in Australia is already showing signs of dreading the ‘Cultural Shock’ close upon us OR just over the horizon. The Greens can ONLY gain in consolidated left-wing support (electoral and financial). And the self-trashed Labor Party might have to consider a name change to something like ‘New Labor’ or ‘Social Democratic Party’ because Tone will force them into both wholesale change and reform of their structures which have been delayed rather than rejected outright, to date. Labor will have plenty of time – 3 terms of Federal parliament at least – to finally get their act together albeit there would be no guarantee of that with an ever-diminshing/shrinking membership base. Paraphrasing one of their former Prime Ministers,

*Paul Keating, who infamously once said: “If the people change the government, they change the (corresponding) culture of the country”. Well, the Keating Labor government begot us Pauline Hanson and One Notion and the K-Rudd/Beguiler Labor government begot us Bob Katter and his Nutters.

Another Royal Wedding?

Following the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton and the Monarch’s Silver Jubilee, there is now the prospect of a Prince Harry marriage to Pippa Middleton, the heir-to-the-throne’s sister-in-law. Too many royal weddings; too many royal celebrations; too much fairy-floss! But if the British people want to retain and maintain the Windsor royal line then, let ‘em!

Australian Republicans should disassociate themselves from ALL this silly royal flim-flam. Bring on The Australian Republic!!

Centenary of Anzac Day, 25 April 2015

It may be a way off but the time will elapse quickly enough. And there are moves afoot at the Federal level for what, on the surface of it, will be a monster Imperialist event. The Monarchy and Australian Royalism are bound to be reinforced if not boosted with the attendant pomp and ceremony. A fresh approach to War Memorialism might be to establish 11 November as the official national Remembrance Day and genuine, sacred all-day Public Holiday to replace the 25 April annual part-day ritual once the Centenary of Anzac Day is over and done with. It may at first glance appear to be unpatriotic to make such a suggestion. However, the writer is becoming more convinced – with every passing year – that the annual “celebration” of Anzac Day is anti-Republican. Most former English-speaking Commonwealth of Nations countries celebrate 11 November each year as Remembrance Day. Just perhaps – at the appropriate time, say 2016 – Australia could lead the way in advocating a United Nations-sponsored International day of peace, harmony and reconciliation. Indeed, a reaffirmation of a ‘No More Wars’ ethos.


The acronymn for ‘GET RID of GILLARD’ – G.R.O.G. – is doing the rounds on the internet. Repeatedly, the 5 most reputable opinion polls here in Australia reflect the general sentiment that the sooner the Federal minority government of The Beguiler and her Gangsters are ‘gone’ the better. And there are myriad reasons – almost too many to enumerate. The RPA toyed with the idea at its 26th Annual General Meeting at Queanbeyan in May of getting a batch of rear-windscreen stickers designed and printed. However, no-one knows how long The Beguiler will remain Prime Minister – except for Bill Shorten. Therefore, the idea had to be canned.

Wattle Day Luncheon 2012

Tickets will go on sale @ $75 a pop in early July for the 7th Annual Wattle Day Luncheon at Old Government House, Parramatta Park, NSW on Saturday, 1 September. The Republicans esteemed Guest Speaker this year is Julian Disney, President of the Press Council of Australia.

Special Acknowledgements

There is always pleasure in announcing new additions to the Honour Roll of Life Members. The Republican Party of Australia welcomes to the Honour Roll: Maurie Fabrikant and Ralph Feller as the 20th and 21st Inductees. Both have, over time, donated in cash and kind combined $5000+ to The Republican Cause. Great Australian Republicans.

© PETER CONSANDINE, JUNE, 2012 on behalf of The Republicans
Republican Party of Australia, PO Box 843, Castle Hill NSW 1765


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