Minutes of 2012 Annual General Meeting

Minutes of 2012 Annual General Meeting of The REPUBLICAN PARTY of AUSTRALIA [RPA] and The Republicans’ Umbrella Group

Saturday, 19 May in the Afternoon of Annual National Convention #26
at Queanbeyan NSW 2620


At the outset, National Executive Director, PETER CONSANDINE, gave a General Report on ‘Happenings of Late’:

(a) the 21st  Annual Republican of the Year Dinner for Awardee, Terry Fewtrell…*Noted particularly that the ONLY written apologies for non-ability to attend the celebratory dinner for ARM Heavyweight Terry Fewtrell being from David Morris (the very new ARM National Director) and Elizabeth O’Brien (Administrative Assistant at the Public Policy Institute in Canberra)

(b) the 26th Annual Republican Conference at which speakers Mark Drummond, Bogey Musidlak, Maurie

Fabrikant and John Nethercote acquitted themselves quite famously – Professor Nethercote accepting the task of critiquing the 16th version of The Republicans’ direct election model for the Australian Presidency

(c) the State of Play apropos re-Registration of The RPA – The Party is some nine-tenths of the way with the required numbers albeit the criteria and commensurate paperwork involved in the process involves heavy-lifting

(see Item #13 below)

(d) Newest National Executive Member, Jenny Jude, made the trip by air down from Sydney to attend her first

Republican Conference in the morning and AGM in the afternoon

(e) 2 additions – making 21 in ALL – to The Republicans’ Honour Roll of Life Members namely:

Ralph Feller and Maurie Fabrikant

(f) No necessity now for The Umbrella Group to widen the product base given that a sponsorship deal on Australian grown and harvested tea has been concluded with Madura Tea Estate in far-Northern NSW

(g) The Republicans’ Mezzanine structures established in August/September 2009 have progressed reasonably quickly to the door of the First Level – boosted by our maturing relationship with the LDP since September 2011

(h) The Party’s stocks bolstered furthermore with a bolder approach on Street Meetings – 662 of these staged to date over 20+ years – that of Change Agents prosecuting and promoting genuine, alternative Futurism

Items of Business  

  1. 3-part Communique for Media ex the Morning Conference on the theme of: ‘PARLIAMENTARY, ELECTORAL, GOVERNANCE & PUBLIC SERVICE REFORM for the COMING REPUBLIC!’ adopted
  2. Life Membership Awarding to (a) Ralph Feller and (b) Maurie Fabrikant – both who have donated in cash or in kind $5000 each to The Cause over time – with acclamation
  3. Ratification of the revised/updated 7-year forward schedule of Annual Conferences and Themes (see handout);  *Important decision taken to re-adapt the format for staging Annual Conferences as part of a more engaging Community-Orientated Conventions approach commencing with Annual National Republican Convention #27 at Victor Harbour SA in May, 2013
  4. Campaign Bulletin #41 provisionally headed: ‘DAZE of ATONEMENT!’ approved
  5. June/July 2012 Position Paper (to be disseminated with compendiums for Recruits) provisionally headed: ‘The FOLLY of EMPIRE; The FOLLY of MONARCHY!’ approved
  6. Possibilities Attendant with ‘P.E.P.’ + ‘L.R.4.ALL’ + ‘G.R.O.G.’ “promotional” stickers favourably considered – with caution in proceeding on the ‘G.R.O.G.’ idea – tacitly approved
  7. Confirmation in Office for the Next 12 months of the slightly changed National  Executive Personnel [see (d) above]
  8. Ratification of the Version #12 of the reputed E.12 Party Philosophical Statement (see handout)
  9. New batch of Wattle Day Flags – favourable consideration of the C & R quote and OK to purchase 100 for near-future purposes; *Acknowledgement of Wattle Day Flag designer Geoff Coulin’s signing over to The Party his Certificate of Design  Registration (#107235) from the Commonwealth of Australia Designs Office
  10. Favourable consideration of required new sign for street meeting table: ‘NO REFUNDS – Period!’
  11. Agreed by ALL delegates that it was time for a fresh, new Party Members’ Survey
  12. Agreed also by ALL delegates that relations, more particularly in the light of communications of late with the more elitist Republicans: David Morris and Malcolm Turnbull, that National Executive Director Consandine must liaise more closely with his ARM counterparts in the next period ahead.
  13. Consideration and understanding of the Australian Electoral Commission’s most recent correspondence – more especially in the light of The Party actually being very near to the 550 Members required for the Official Application for re-Registration of The Party and the registered abbreviated name The Party wishes to incorporate on the ballot paper when The Party actually is re-Registered viz ‘Republic: YES!’ [complete with the exclamation mark!!]
  14. Confirmation of the pre-determined Preference Order for the first Federal Election The Party is registered for as follows:



There followed a Talking Points + Current Issues Session until the End of Proceedings

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