Get Used To It!

Republican Campaign Bulletin #40 of March, 2012


The Writer has expounded the viewpoint in the written and spoken form a number of times before now, but it is worth repeating – with due emphasis – at the outset of this tract that the sooner the Australian electorate gets a Tony Abbott-led Conservative Coalition Federal government – the sooner we will get an Australian Republic.

But, the Australian electorate is going to get at least a two-term Tony Abbott-led Conservative Coalition Federal government anyway. ‘Better that it happens sooner, then – from a Republican perspective.

There’s a definite possibility that one of the next two Federal elections will be for a Double Dissolution and an arch-proponent Multi-Party Democracy party e.g. The Republican Party of Australia (The Australian Republicans) must be, indeed will be, ready to fiercely contest that one! And with ‘Republic YES!’ (complete with the exclamation mark) as The Republicans’ registered abbreviated name on the ballot paper in the 5 mainland States that The Party stands for The Senate, The Beltway may be the next achievement stop for the mainstay grassroots republican push!

Lest supporters think it a madness to canvass ANY of the above-mentioned, The Writer implores the Reader to just reflect on this fact: When the John Howard-led Conservative Coalition won the Treasury Benches in 1996 there was ONLY a smattering of Liberals and Nationals who identified themselves as ‘Republican’. When next the Conservative Coalition is in Office, close to half of them (Liberals and Nationals combined) will identify themselves as ‘Republicans’. And the present monarch will be closer to the end of her reign over us!

Before moving on to weightier matters The Writer might be allowed to make a long-range forecast: It will be a Conservative Coalition that will deliver to the Australian electorate an Australian Republic – howsoever that outcome is arrived at!



To the previous charges of Federal Labor government by gangsters and gangsterism, now the charge of ‘government by animals and animalism’ must be laid…The February, 2012 leadership contest between the incumbent Prime Minister: the Beguiler, and the Prime Minister she toppled in June, 2010: K-Rudd, was a combination of ALL 3 of the following: fiasco + folly + farce. It was an embarrassment in the “eyes of the First World” as our Second World government slip-slided down to Third World status.

It was Gilbertian and Hitlerian ALL at once. It gave a big fillip to the Recallists. It exposed the Prime Minister and her Treasurer, Wayne Swan, and several other Cabinet Ministers as Coverers-Up. But, alas, there was another major positive result: The victorious Prime Minister has now become a ‘Prisoner of the Opinion Polls’. I mean, it was a woeful choice between 2 evils for the Federal Labor caucus who re-elected her overwhelmingly to and for what? Yep! A top-notch Pyrrhic Victory!! Onwards to wanton political short-sightedness; unhinged sloganeering; fakery writ large; delusional, directionless so-called ‘policy-making in the national interest’ and more turning opportunities into own-goals.

The electorate is a wake-up, however: A party that cannot govern itself cannot govern the country.



The ‘Labor’ brand has been serially trashed in the broader scheme of things: firstly, trounced in WA; secondly, trumped in Victoria; thirdly, wiped out in NSW and, by the looks of it, about to be creamed for a fourth time in Queensland. The party-still-in-government in SA and Tasmania is a rabble and doom is ALL but assured now under the regime of the Beguiler: “the least impressive Prime Minister since Billy McMahon” according to long-time Labor apologist – Robert Manne. Perhaps, at this juncture, the words of former MHR for Bennelong, the oncer Maxine McKew, should be allowed to sum up for our purposes: “Juliar Gillard [the Beguiler] has made one poor judgement after another and has consistently failed to secure the trust of Australian voters. Her constant mantra of ‘getting the job done’ earns no credit”. No Contest! And parachuting into Federal Parliament and Cabinet of former Labor luminaries e.g. Bob Carr won’t prevent the stinking Ship of Fools from sinking.



For the Record: The Federal Liberal MHR for Wentworth is NOT and never has been a Member of The Republican Party ofAustralia/The Australian Republicans (RPA for short). He is a Life Member of the Australian Republican Movement (ARM). He no longer pays dues to nor does he donate to that body, as I understand the situation. The once-Chairman of ARM, Turnbull these days has deserted the republican push. According to SMH Leader Writer, Paul Sheehan: “Since he led his side to a crushing 7-Nil defeat at the [1999] first republican referendum, Turnbull has thrown the republic issue under the bus saying he won’t re-visit the subject again until the monarch dies”. Furthermore, SMH reporter, Lenore Taylor, alleges: “Turnbull suffers from ‘Merchant Banker’s Disease’ – always moving on to the next big thing”. As such, Turnbull is no genuine long-term friend of The Republic; he is a fair-weather friend or even a torpedo for The Republic. Others might describe him as arrogant and headstrong.  And NOT a team-player. Therefore, he is most unlikely to be trusted to lead any second republican campaign. Turnbull was also, The RPA has lamentably learned since, the arch-objector to The RPA’s obtaining registered political party status in the 1987-1992 time-frame.

GET USED TO IT! The RPA had to!!

MIKE CARLTON being mischievous

The Republic is a stand-alone issue! If an indicative plebiscite with a YES/NO question is put up with at least 2 other controversial official referenda questions simultaneously at the next Federal election, it might fail. And if it did fail, the well-designed 3-phase process for a successful second republican campaign would be trashed. Sometimes, egocentric journalists like Carlton – proffering their wedge-political, counter-intuitive ideas – should think longer and harder before putting pen to paper. Make no mistake, Carlton’s idea does constitute the 1st stage of the second republican campaign; indeed it is RPA  set-in-stone policy. BUT The RPA would be averse to a “jumping the gun” type of naked, expedient exercise by an outgoing, failed and widely-despised Beguiler-led Labor Federal government – which appears almost-certain.


Peter Consandine © 2012
Republican Party of Australia, PO Box 843, Castle Hill NSW 1765

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