The Essence of Republican Libertarianism

The E12 Formula/Doctrine (Version #14)

*This Philosophical Outline serves as the Indicative Policy Manifesto of The Republican Party of Australia [RPA] whilst the Australian Electoral Commission re-Registers The Party for the 2013 Federal election.



1. The foundation stone of Republican Libertarianism is that there is and always shall be a clear dividing line on matters of State and Church. Insofar, there is a figurative divider fence as regards State and Church matters. Republican Libertarians are thus advocates of secular humanism as holistic writ; Republican Libertarians are champions of the powers of reasoning and empiricism; Republican Libertarians shun ALL doubts, superstitions and trysts with the mystical, the supernatural and the unexplained in this Life on Planet Earth and generally believe that science increasingly will make ALL religion redundant and irrelevant. That said, Republican Libertarians will courteously tolerate and accept those among us who hold to a particular faith/creed or set of beliefs*. Republican Libertarians are NOT anti-religion…simply put: Secular Humanism merely describes another Province altogether.

2. Minimum Year 12 secondary education to be constitutionally guaranteed for ALL Australian students with civics and ethics central to the curriculum; no provision for scripture classes or instruction in the State (government-funded) sector nor provision for religious chaplaincy in the State domain either.

3. Philanthropy, charity and community input in reasonable contributions and, if affordable, in regular/reliable increments with tax deductibility applicable ONLY to those who donate to non-religious institutions.

*The Commonwealth Censuses of the years 2001 and 2006 allowed Australian Citizens for the first time to opt out of “declaring” a religious denomination OR to declare no religious faith whatsoever (some 36% of interviewees at the second of these 2 Censuses). It is anticipated that this percentage trend will go on increasing as more Australian Citizens become enlightened. Another factor is the expected rise in “non-denominational” identification in the August 2011 National Census when the findings are published.

4. By fair and democratic means – but by ALL means – get the “winning double” into place namely:

  • a truly multi-party democracy [with attendant multi-member electorates] in tandem with a statutory charter
  • of rights, freedoms, choices and responsibilities…the former being arrived at via the proportional-preferential
  • voting system in the peoples’ parliament – The House of Representatives;  the latter being arrived at via a
  • constitutional convention.

5.Belief in the possibilities attendant of promoting a dynamic, modern, alternative, shared Republican Party [RPA] political agenda – resolutely and dedicatedly (a suggested slogan: “Nobody CAN like The RepubliCANS CAN!”) – and prosecuting that [RPA] political agenda maximally.

6.Find the appropriate niches; develop new or even old pathways to financial stability for self, business partners, employees and family for the medium-long term and stay the course; no cumbersome barriers to individualism and/or individualistic endeavour; minimal business sector regulation; adjustments where and when necessary and continuing oversight, review and reform/re-form. Republican Libertarians are Change Agents – Futurists with an integrated plan for prosperity that most Australians can share in!
7. Ecological Sustainability to be the key mainstay apropos the environment, the economy, population (zero net migration*), land management, the taxation system* [it is well past time for the re-introduction of a Federal Land Value Taxation Regime: FLVTR] food security and industry/business in ALL its sizes – with incentives for those who invest in sustainable industries or sustainable businesses. The politics of reductionism for a ‘prosperity without exponential growth’ prevailing criterion and cognisance of the ‘small(er) is beautiful’ principle. Less even limited governance – certainly, a 2-tier governmental system: national in perfect accord with regional.

8. A discernibly Australian republic with an Australian (non-foreign) presidency (preferably directly-elected) and with peoples’ sovereignty obtaining;  no change whatsoever to ANY of Australia’s symbols until an Australian Republic  is constitutionally established; promotion of Green And Gold Australian values in the meantime by way of Annual Wattle Day events each and every 1st September.

9. Wellness and wellbeing; healthy lifestyle and nutrition choices; alternative treatments, therapies and medicines in parallel with the orthodox, establishment regime. Republican Libertarians believe, wholeheartedly, that the so-called “Drugs War” has not and cannot be “won”. It’s way past time for a fresh and bold approach to Drugs Law Reform…Republican Libertarians are convinced that it makes perfect sense to legalise ALL pharmacological drugs of dependence – that the Federal Government of the Day should oversee the control of manufacturing, taxing (per excises) and distributing of ALL pharmacological drugs of dependence in the same fashion as alcohol, nicotine, petroleum and gambling are or should be overseen and controlled by Federal Government – to ensure maximal social cohesion in Australian Society.

10. The 80:20 Principle to be applied or implemented, flexibly, to the optimum extent and especially regarding proven, viable financial options to engender a balanced mixed economy; adoption of the fair free trade values concept apropos the appropriate methods and means to foster and engender Australian export industries whether they be primary, secondary or tertiary.

11.Equitable justice and equality of opportunity to stem the tide of the freedom-sapping, politically-correct and nanny-state industries in Australia.

12.The RIGHT AUSTRALIA Policy of inclusiveness. No set-in-concrete prescriptions at this juncture but an ALL-embracing and ALL-welcoming culture of ‘IntraNationalism’ to replace the redundant/outmoded if not failed policy of ‘MultiCulturism’. Moreover, the Homeland Australia assimilationist policy of Australia’s first Prime Minister: Edmund Barton and Australia’s 14th Prime Minister: John Curtin.

*Zero Net Migration means, literally, if 200,000 (say) people depart Australia in a given calendar year (say 2013), then the country allows 200,000 people to legally arrive in the following year (2014) from ALL categories.

Primary Writer: PETER CONSANDINE © 2013
for The Republicans’ National Secretariat, PO Box 843,CASTLE HILL NSW 1765

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