Combining the Annual theme-based Conferences and Annual General Meetings of the Umbrella Group embracing:


The Campaign for Australian Constitutional Change (CACC)
The Republican Party of Australia (RPA)
The Republican Institute of Public Affairs (RIPA)
The Republican Wine Club (RWC)
The Republican Coffee Club (RCC)
The Republican Treasure Chest (RTC)
Republican Water Oxygenators (RWO)
Republican Olive Oil Estates (ROOE)
Republican Rain-Saving Products (RRSP)
Republican Next Day Health Clinics (RNDHC)
Wattle Week Events Inc. (WWE)
The Shed A Tier! Movement (SATM)
[formerly: Abolish State Governments! and  Regional Governments Now!]
The Land Value Taxation Society of Australia (LVTSA)
The Sustainable Land Management Trust (SLMT)
The Advocacy for Multi-Party Democracy (AMPD)
The Republican Campaign Bulletin (RCB)
PollWatch Federal Election Analyses & Projections (PWFEAP)
Planagement On-Line Media Report (POLMR)
Executive Communications P/L (ECPL) [the ‘Clearing House’ for the entire Umbrella Group]

Forthcoming Annual National Republican Conventions:

#29 TAMWORTH (New England) NSW May 2015 [Theme: ‘Consolidating Phase #1 of the Oz Republic-by-Default Campaign and Preparing the Ground for Phase #2 and Beyond!’]

#30 BUNBURY WA May 2016 [Theme: ‘Consolidating Phases #2 and #3 of the Oz Republic-by-Default Campaign and Preparing the Ground for the scheduled
2016 Federal Senate Campaign in ALL 6 Australian States!’]

#31 SHEPPARTON VIC May 2017 [Theme: ‘An Energy-Efficient and Energy-Sufficient Republic!’]

#32 NOWRA NSW May 2018 [Theme: ‘A Well-Educated Republic!’]

#33 TOOWOOMBA (Darling Downs) QLD May 2019 [Theme: ‘Crime and Punishment in the Australian Republican context!’]

*The National Executive of The Republicans reserves the right to vary the order of the scheduled Conference regime – as political circumstances dictate, going forward with The Party Organisation’s medium-term set of objectives in tandem with the August 2009-introduced Mezzanine structures.

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