Honour Roll of Republicans of the Year

(since inauguration of The Award in 1991)


1.  1991…Tom Keneally, Author

2.  1992…Alex Mitchell,  (then) Journalist, Sun-Herald newspaper

3.  1993…Peter Collins, (then) New South Wales Senior Liberal Parliamentarian

4.  1994…Charles Windsor, Monarch-in-Waiting

5.  1995…Paul Kelly, Editor-at-Large, The Australian newspaper

6.  1996…Bill Clinton, (then) President of the United States of America

7.  1997…Bob Brown, (then) Tasmanian Greens Senator

8.  1998…Bill Leak, Cartoonist, The Australian newspaper

9.  1999…Peter Consandine, Founder (1982), National Executive Director and Bankroller-Perpetuale, Republican Party of Australia

10. 2000…George Winterton*, (then) Professor of Constitutional Law, UNSW

11. 2001…Geoffrey Robertson, International Human Rights Campaigner

12. 2002…Helen Irving, Senior Law Lecturer, University of Sydney

13. 2003…Mark McKenna, Historical Author and (then) ANU Academic

14. 2004…Peter Lalor, Great Great Grandson of the Eureka Rebellion Leader

15. 2005…Phillip Adams, Columnist, The Australian newspaper; National Broadcaster with the ABC and National Living Treasure

16. 2006…Dean Jaensch, SA Academic, Historian and expert Political Pundit

17. 2007…David Black, WA Parliamentary Fellow; Historical Consultant to The John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library and expert Political Pundit

18. 2008…Jenny Goldie, Sustainable Population Activist and eminent exponent of ‘Quiet Republicanism’

19. 2009…David Muir, Chairman of Real Republic Ltd and Legator of The Clem Jones’ Republican Bequest

20. 2010…Peter Ellyard, Futures Strategist, Author and Speaker

21. 2011…Terry Fewtrell, (then) Founder of the Republican Gatherers organisation and President of the Wattle Day Association

22. 2012…Tony Heath, Founder of the 1st business inTasmania with the word ‘REPUBLIC’ in the heading

23. 2013…Fred Carter, acknowledged, staunchest Victorian Australian Democrats republican

24. 2014…Harry Evans*, former Clerk of the Federal Senate

25. 2015…Glenn Davies, Queensland Convenor of ARM; Founder of the National Republican Short Story Competition and Editor of the Speculating on the Australian Republic Anthology E-Book

*since Deceased

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