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When you become involved with The Republican Party of Australia you will have added your footprint to a continuing bold path for Australia. In this […]

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The Republicans is an Umbrella Group of which The Republican Party of Australia (RPA) is the party political wing. The RPA is a Federally-registered political […]

Influential Voting

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INFLUENTIAL VOTING! You’re a Thinking Australian Voter. You don’t particularly like the Two-Party (“Washminster”) System. You know, under the electoral laws of this country, that […]

Wattle Day Address by David Borger

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Wattle Day Address – 1 September 2006@ Lachlan’s Restaurant – Old Government House Parramatta by Clr David Borger – Lord Mayor of Parramatta Ladies and Gentleman, […]

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Privacy Statement

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(hereinafter: The Umbrella Group) To Whom it may Concern Be it known that a resolution was taken at the 16th Annual National Republican Convention at […]