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You’re a Thinking Australian Voter. You don’t particularly like the Two-Party (“Washminster”) System. You know, under the electoral laws of this country, that you must compulsorily vote or receive a $20 fine for not doing so or for not having a reasonable excuse. And you know, that to formally cast a vote in your House of Representatives Federal Seat, you must (a) number, sequentially, every square on the official ballot paper and (b) eventually place one Major Political Party before the other in the order of your preference on the official ballot paper.

However, did you know that there is a way that you can – absolutely legally – deprive the Major Political Parties of their Electoral Funding? Well, read on…

Major Political Party Groupings (and let’s name them: Labor/Greens Alliance and the Liberal/National Coalition) continually perpetuate the myth that voting for a Minor Political Party of your choice amounts to a wasting of your vote. But, contrary to Major Political Party propaganda, voting for a Minor Political Party such as The Republican Party of Australia or the Liberal Democratic Party is not and can never be a wasting of your vote. Why? It is really only “wasted” as far as the Major Political Parties are concerned because the applicable Electoral Funding potentially goes to another (Minority) Political Party – or an Independent – instead of to them.

The Electoral Funding Rate for the most recent Federal Election (in August 2010) was $2.32 for each Primary (First Preference) Vote cast. By the way, winning and losing Major Party candidates in the House of Representatives still got this money simply because they drew more than 4% of the Primary Vote in each and every one of the 150 Parliamentary Seats. In that 2007 Federal Election, the Major Political Parties’ machines received a total of more than $50 million of taxpayers’ money (the full House of Representatives and Senate total rebates combined) for their coffers. This may be anathema to you but it gets worse…

Once CPI is factored in to the equation, the Electoral Funding Rate will inevitably increase for the coming Federal Election. And if that next election were held, theoretically, before 31 December 2011 it would increase to $2.39 per Primary Vote! Obviously, with six-monthly CPI adjustments, this rate will increase, incrementally.

Electoral Funding, introduced by the Hawke Labor Government in the 1980s, may be claimed by any candidate – but usually always the endorsed Major Political Party candidates – who win at least 4% of the Formal First Preference Votes cast. This funding, combined with huge donations from, respectively, the Union Movement and Big Business/Big Lobby Groups, allows these Major Political Party machines to function almost completely removed from their rank & file membership. Thus, the moderating influence of those Major Political Parties’ loyal supporters is largely ignored and Government policy and decision-making by either one of the two Major Political Party Groupings becomes more and more remote from the voting public. Anti-Democracy is fostered and boosted!

If you feel that you must support a Major Political Party then give them your SECOND PREFERENCE Vote on the House of Representatives ballot paper and vote below the line on The Senate ballot paper – for good measure. The Upshot will be as follows: on Federal Election Night when the Primary Votes are all tallied and the relevant Minor Political Party candidates are eliminated from the official field (and, let’s face it, most if not all of them will be) your Second Preference vote is then counted with ALL the other Second Preference votes cast and passed on to the Major Political Party of your choice in the “Lesser of the Two Evils” fashion.

This way, the Major Political Party of your choice will still get your Second Preferred Vote BUT it won’t get yours and other taxpayers’ money!

This method of ‘INFLUENTIAL VOTING’ will definitely ensure that the Major Political Party of your choice  gets your message!!

This procedure is so simple and yet so effective in that you, The Thinking Voter, can have it both ways.

Don’t just take my word for it…*Refer to the Electoral Pocket Book which is free from your Federal Divisional Office of the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC).  Alternatively, you can telephone The AEC on their General Enquiries Number: 13 23 26 or check out the AEC’s website:

Written by Peter Consandine, National Executive Director, Republican Party of Australia, PO Box 843, Castle Hill, NSW 1765, in a spirited Advocacy for  Multi-Party Democracy in Australia. © 2011. Authorised by Kerry McNally, 1/512 Parramatta Road, Ashfield, NSW 2131.


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